Emily Elizabeth In The Tiniest Black Bikini Says She’s ‘In My Moment’

Emily Elizabeth offers the best view in her teeny tiny bikini!

The New-York based social media sensation put her killer curves on display for her recent Instagram update. Emily recently went on a trip to the Turks & Caicos Islands a week ago and spent most of her days there basking in the sun at the beach.

In her new post, the 24-year-old sported a minuscule bikini set that left almost nothing to the imagination.

A Jaw-Dropping Scene

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily’s photo was quite the treat for her 2.1 million followers as she put on a very busty display in her swimwear. She looked like a total smokeshow as she rocked a scanty black set, including a tiny top with thin straps secured around her ribcage. The other pair of strings were tied behind her neck, helping to accentuate her toned arms and shoulders. Its deep neckline and the wide gap between the cups exposed her ample cleavage, which was enhanced by the tightness of the piece.

Exploding Out Of Her Bikini

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Notably, the minuscule triangle-cut cups struggled to hold her ample assets in that she spilled out from the sides.

Below, the matching bikini bottoms were cut high on Emily’s hips and boasted thin side straps that stretched high over her hips, highlighting her petite waist. Its extremely high-cut sides also put her toned thighs in the spotlight. Meanwhile, the scooped front allowed the model to flaunt her sculpted abs.

Impeccable Beauty

Emily Elizabeth taking a selfie.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The snapshot saw Emily posing on the balcony made out of glass and a black handrail. She posed by bending one of her knees while popping her hip slightly to the side. The blonde bombshell left her arms hanging on her sides as she looked to her left. Her cheeks appeared red, possibly from spending too much time under the sunlight.

The backdrop showcased a stunning view of the beach, featuring white sand, lounge chairs, shaded beds, and umbrellas. The ocean stretching into the distance and the bright blue sky was another highlight of the shot. However, fans seemed to focus solely on Emily and her little two-piece.

Cute Hairstyle

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The influencer styled her golden locks by tying them up in a bun. She also tucked her long bangs behind her ears to keep them away from her face.

Emily ditched the accessories and just let her killer physique do all the talking.

Getting Plenty Of Likes

Emily Elizabeth taking a selfie in her bikini.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

As per usual, the new addition to her feed drove her fans into a frenzy. They showed their appreciation for Emily by showering her with likes and comments. Her loyal fans complimented everything from her beauty and her insanely toned body to her bikini, leaving plenty of messages under the post.

“I sure enjoy looking at your pics you’re one beautiful woman,” raved one person.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” quipped another admirer.

“Lots of beauty to unpack here,” noted the fourth one.

Flaunting Her Flawless Body

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

A day ago, Emily wowed in a picture that saw her in another black ensemble. The post, which was a throwback, showed the model wearing a bodysuit with long sleeves and extremely high leg cuts.

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