Emily Elizabeth Poses By The Window In Her Tight Nude Bra & Shorts

Emily Elizabeth beats the views in her scanty ensemble!

The popular Instagram model stunned fans with her incredibly toned body in a new snap posted to her social media page. Emily shared a stunning photo on her Stories this week, which showed her flaunting her chiseled abs in a piece of swimwear and shorts.

Beating The Skyscraper Views

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The 24-year-old was snapped indoors, where she found the perfect spot to strike a pose. Emily sat on the windowsill with her body angled sideways. She stretched her right leg and bent her left knee while resting her arm on it.

The bombshell leaned back and used her other arm to support her body. Emily closed her eyes while tilting her head sideways, with a smile tugging on her lips. The bright sunshine highlighted some parts of her body and made her tanned skin look glowing.

Showing Off Her Lingerie

Emily Elizabeth sitting by the window in her bra and open shorts.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily opted for a nude bra featuring two narrow straps that went over her shoulders, which helped accentuate her slender arms. The garment tightly hugged her bust, drawing attention to her ample assets. Notably, the lingerie boasted triangle cups that failed to cover the entirety of her chest as she spilled out from the sides. Apart from her sideboob, the model’s cleavage was also put on display, thanks to the plunging neckline.

The New York-based influencer sported a pair of pale blue denim shorts that clung to her curves. They had a high-waisted design that obscured her navel from view. Emily spiced things up for the shoot when she unbuttoned the lower garment.

She wore a chunky silver bracelet with a heart pendant as her only accessory. As for her hairstyle, Emily left her blonde locks hanging down her back in straight strands.

Fans Gush Over Emily Elizabeth’s Beauty

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The internet sensation has taken to social media to share plenty of jaw-dropping posts with her fans this month. A few days ago, she showed off her amazing physique in a black bodysuit with high leg cuts, sending her fans into a frenzy once more. The post has received plenty of likes and notes since going live.

“You’re special ….You’re cute … You’re hot,” raved an admirer.

“Wow I am looking at a gorgeous angel in the picture,” remarked another follower.

Attracting More Compliments

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

“OMG, the perfect and most beautiful woman!!!!” added the third commenter.

“Nothing, and no one, compares with your beauty, Emilly. Yes, you may be a professional model – employed in part to drive men wild, but the real truth is that you are about as hot as hot can get, and, for that, Emilly, I sincerely hope you count your blessings,” noted the fourth user.

Enjoying The Beach

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily went on a vacation to the Turks & Caicos Islands recently. While there, she made a lot of tantalizing content, which she shared on her feed.

A particular update saw the beauty flaunting her bikini body in an all-black set. The top’s cups were impossibly tiny, which made Emily burst out of the sides. Although, fans seemed hardly bothered by the NSFW display.

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