Eminem Makes Surprise SNL Cameo in Pete Davidson’s Stu Christmas Parody

Pete Davidson spoofed Eminem’s “Stan” in a holiday sketch on Saturday Night Live, and even the real Slim Shady made a special appearance. Released on The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 and featuring guest vocals from Dido, “Stan” tells the story of a man named Stan who claims to be Eminem’s biggest fan. Over the course of the dark song, Stan writes multiple fan letters to Eminem, only to end up drunkenly killing himself and his girlfriend when the rapper fails to respond.

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On the Dec. 5 episode of Saturday Night Live, a new sketch parodied with “Stan” music video. Looking like Devon Sawa in the “Stan” video, Pete Davidson raps the lyrics as a similar obsessive fan named Stu. Instead of Eminem, Stu is heavily focused on getting a PS5 on Christmas, pleading his case in letters sent to Santa Claus, played by host Jason Bateman. Chloe Fineman, Kyle Mooney, and Beck Bennett also appear as elves who speak about their concern over Stu’s continuous letters.

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“I won’t be greedy, or needy, or ask you for too much. I just want one thing, I hope you still got that magic touch,” the song says in part. ” ‘Cause getting this present is the only thing keeping me alive. Dear Santa Claus – please bring me a PS5.”

Stu adds, “I tried to buy one at Walmart, ran around the shopping mall like Paul Blart. Tried to find one for sale, but the thing is they’re all out. Yo, I even went to a Gamestop – but then I was like, ‘Oh wait stop’ – Santa Claus can make one, the man got his own workshop.”

Giving a nod to when Elton John and Eminem performed the song together at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards, Bowen Yang spoofed the “Rocket Man” singer for a verse of his own, singing about how he similarly wanted a PS5. Kate McKinnon also appears in the sketch as Dido to sing the chorus while cuddling the video game console in bed.

“Stu is waiting for his surprise – to open up a PS5. He just really wants to play Assassin’s Creed on Christmas Day,” she sings.

As with “Stan,” “Stu” also ends on a down note, with Stu telling Santa Claus in his final letter: “Dear Mr. Holly Jolly Son of a B****, I hope you crash your sleigh and end up face down in a ditch. I guess the great Saint Nick can’t even track down a PS5. Hey Santa, I drank a fifth of eggnog, dare me to drive?”

After the song, an apathetic Santa decides to finally write back to Stu by sending a letter telling the fan he had the wrong address. With the sketch now seemingly over, viewers were treated to a big surprise when Eminem himself then popped up on a television screen. Discovering a present from Santa under his Christmas tree, Eminem opens it up to discover the PS4 Stu had so badly wanted.

“That’s crazy. A PS5? I didn’t even ask for this,” Eminem says. “I guess Shady must have been a good boy this year. Sorry Stu, you f***ed up.” The video of the “Stu” parody comes to us from Saturday Night Live on YouTube. Devon Sawa even chimed in after seeing the sketch, giving his take on Twitter.

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