Ethan Hawke Struggled to Keep Moon Knight Secrets

We all know how Marvel are quite tight on security around the biggest secrets of the MCU, and it seems someone that struggles with the continual inability to disclose information is Ethan Hawke, who stars in the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight. Despite being one of the actors who has managed not to leak important information about his casting, the character he plays or the show in general, the much-loved actor revealed that he has been guilty of telling all to one person; his son.

Moon Knight will be joining the growing list of Disney+ series based in the MCU next year, and Hawke has been confirmed to be playing the main antagonist of the show. While at The Gotham Awards, the star was interviewed by Variety and was quick to say how hard he finds it being part of something he cannot talk about, and also commented how his son has been a great help to him thanks to him knowing a bit about the history of the characters in the Marvel comic books.

Ethan Hawke responded to being asked about Moon Knight details he cannot discuss, saying, “It’s not in my personality to just not rifle all information out. It’s so difficult for me.” He was also asked, with that in mind, if there was anyone he had been forced to confide to. He admitted, “My son, my son has to know everything. He’s 19. He was the perfect age for the Marvel Universe, you know. He came of age when that whole explosion has happened, so whenever I needed to know the backstory behind this god or this character he was like ‘Dad, let me direct you on that’. So he was my go to resource.”

We were given our first official look at Moon Knight as part of Disney+ Day, but we still don’t know exactly who Hawke will be playing in the show, which has led to much fan speculation of the different antagonists that he could be playing, which at one point included Werewolf by Night, although we now know that is one rumor that can be put to bed with Gael Garcia Bernal now leading the Halloween special based around that character. Other suggested characters in the mix have been Khonshu, The Sun King, Bushman and, of course, everyone’s go to name to add to these lists, Mephisto. We will have to wait a little longer to see how any of that pans out.

Moon Knight’s lead Oscar Isaac last month revealed that he had nothing but praise for the team who worked on the series as well as recalling Kevin Feige’s reaction to the series while they were filming.

“[Directors] Mohamed [Diab] and [Justin] Benson and [Aaron] Moorhead, they were so fantastic. I couldn’t believe my luck and how collaborative the situation was. I’m really excited and hopeful. I don’t know if it’ll work, we took some big swings, ya know! And even Kevin said, ‘I don’t like to count my chickens before they hatch, I’m feeling good but you never know!’ So hopefully it’ll look as good as it felt.”

We will all get the chance to experience Moon Knight when it debuts on Disney+ later next year. This story comes via Variety.

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