‘Everyone’s Grandmother’ Babs Wants To Help You Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree

“Everyone’s Grandmother,” Barbara “Babs” Costello, is at it again. She recently shared some helpful tips and tricks for picking the perfect Christmas tree to help ensure her fans and followers make the process as stress free as possible.

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Babs Shares Tips On How To Have The Perfect Christmas Tree Every Year

In the Christmas tree tutorial video on TikTok and Instagram, Babs walks her followers through the best way to choose a live tree for the holidays. “Did your mom ever tell you the five ways to ensure that you have a perfect Christmas tree each and every year?” she starts her video. She then goes through the five steps that helps her pick a great tree each year.

“Number one: prep your space. If you don’t know the height of your ceiling, measure it,” she said. “Your tree should be at least a foot or a foot-and-a-half shorter than your ceiling.” She then said to put down a plastic tablecloth for the tree to sit on to absorb any spills.

“Number two: Christmas trees are very personal. You’ve got to pick the type of tree you like,” she explains while standing next to a tree. “I personally like either a balsam or a Fraser. They’re fir trees, they last long, they don’t drop their needles as easily, and they have sturdy branches for ornaments. They smell good too.”

Barbara "Babs" Costello
Brunch with Babs – TikTok

Babs then moves on to the next steps of picking the perfect tree. “Number three: Give your tree a fresh cut right before you’re gonna put it up. Even if you cut your own tree down, by the time you get home that sap could have already closed that trunk and your tree will not be able to drink,” she explains.

“Number four: Now’s the time to think about those Christmas tree bags. Take the disposable Christmas tree bag, fold it in half, next you’re just gonna cut the corner. Place the hole right over your tree front. You know your skirt’s gonna hide all this. At the end of the season, this is gonna lift right over your tree and it’s gonna save your house from a huge mess.”

To close out her five tips for picking the best tree, Babs explains what last important step is. “Number five: Put your Christmas tree stand on before you get into the house,” she said. “Who wants to have the hassle of crawling under all those branches trying to get the tree straight?”

Barbara Babs Costello
Brunch with Babs – TikTok

Babs Shared A Bonus Tip That Can Start A New Tradition

Because Babs is full of great tips to help in so many different situations, she had a bonus tip to share with her followers. “Take that fresh cut from the trunk of the Christmas tree, make an ornament out of it,” she said. “You can save them throughout the years.”

Barbara Babs Costello
Brunch with Babs – TikTok

“For Those Of Us Who Don’t Have A Mom Anymore, Your Content Feels Like Home”

Many of Babs followers hopped into the comment section to leave their thoughts on her mini tutorial. One person wrote, “Where would we be without ya Babs? 🥰,” and another said, “Love you, Babs! For those of us who don’t have a mom anymore, your content feels like home.”

Others also added comments about how much they love her tips, enjoy all her videos and learn so much from her. Many also took to the comments on her Instagram video. One person wrote, “What a cute idea with the ornament, especially for the grandkids, love that😍,” and another added, “Our moms didn’t teach us anything and you are the world’s most knowledgeable mom and my kids are going to benefit so much from all the tips I’ve gained from you!”

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