Expect To See These ’80s Fashion Trends Everywhere In 2022

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Millennials have been rocking the chic-casual clothes of the 1990s for a while now. On the other hand, Gen Z-ers have been doing their best to revive Y2K (but on behalf of millennials everywhere, y’all can keep that one).

But in 2022, the fashion industry is taking it back one decade further. Stylists predict sequins, studs, and shoulder pads. That’s right, Gen X: it’s your time to shine. The ‘80s are back, baby, and these looks are rad as ever.

Sequins, Sequins, And More Sequins

Anita Giancarli wearing a black sequins top with flowy black pants and black boots.
(Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images For The Kooples)

The 1980s were all about full-on glam. And what better way to exude glamour than with an outfit that looks like it’s made of a thousand tiny jewels? 

While sequins might have been reserved for formal wear three decades ago, 2022 is ushering them into the everyday. Pair a sequin top with jeans and booties for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Or opt for a sparkly mini-skirt for the perfect date night (or girl’s night) look. 

Head stylist Joanna Angeles told InStyle that she recommended pairing a skirt with “bold-colored pointed toe pumps, a tucked-in, flowy white button-up, and chunky gold jewelry.”

Oversized Blazers (Yes, Shoulder Pads, Too)

Roxy Horner in an oversized beige blazer with a white crop top and mini skirt.
(Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)

Blame it on my obsession with Heathers, but I am here for the return of oversized blazers. Christina Jaide, the co-founder of JLUX, agreed.

“They’re too good to move on from,” Jaide told InStyle. “If you are reaching for something oversized and you are sporting a smaller frame, adding a belt will ensure your shape is at the forefront of your look.”

Another easy way to balance your look is by keeping the bottom half of your outfit simple. Pair chunky jackets with dark-wash skinnies or a sexy leather mini-skirt to keep your look in the 21st century.

Channel Your Inner Glam Rocker

Vanessa Dubasso in a lace corset, black leather pants, and black combat boots with Samuel Larsen with a black leather jacket, acid washed ripped jeans, and white platform boots.
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Before the 1990s grunge, there was glam rock. This larger-than-life trend began in the mid-1970s overseas. By the 1980s, full-on glam was all the rage in the American music industry. Twisted Sisters, Def Leppard, Cyndi Lauper, and Madonna are all great examples. 

And in 2022, leather and lace are making a comeback. When it comes to embodying the tough glam of the ‘80s, louder is better. Angeles recommended platform shoes, metallic staples, and lots of glittery accents. 

“Forget less is more,” Angeles said. “With the ‘80s, more is definitely more.”

Keep It Sleek With Timeless Classics

Isis King in a black bodysuit and black flowy joggers with heels.
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Bodysuits and leotards are nothing new. For decades, stylists have used these basics to create sleek silhouettes and balanced ensembles. But thanks to the likes of Jane Fonda and Cher, we most often associate these pieces with the ‘80s. 

Add a French cut and bold color, and your look will practically scream Madonna a la 1985. No need to crimp your hair and add fingerless gloves (unless you really want to). 

These style staples work with any outfit, eliminating tucking, bulging, or sliding. Teresa Jaide, co-founder of JLUX, spoke to InStyle and suggested wearing bodysuits with “wide-leg trousers or even a flowy skirt. The tightness of the bodysuit will help balance out your look.” 

Whether you incorporate small nods to the ‘80s or go full-on Molly Ringwald, these trends are sure to keep your wardrobe totally tubular.

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