Expedition: Back to the Future Trailer Has Christopher Lloyd Hunting for Missing DeLoreans

Christopher Lloyd is on the hunt for the Back to The Future DeLoreans in a new series for Discovery+. In the four-part series, called Expedition: Back to the Future, Lloyd will team up with Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates to track down other versions of the modified DeLorean DMC-12 that was used for the filming of the classic 1985 movie. Their journey will take them all across the United States, with stops including Los Angeles, Houston, New York, and Orlando. A sneak preview has also been released.

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The primary DeLorean used for Back to the Future is currently stationed at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Six other versions were also used for the movie, and Christopher Lloyd and Gates are on a mission to find at least one of these “time machines.” If they can find the perfect DeLorean, it will then be auctioned off by Lloyd’s Back to the Future co-star Michael J. Fox to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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Reuniting with several of his co-stars in the series, Expedition: Back to the Future also serves as a reunion of the 1985 movie. The series will include guest appearances from Fox (Marty McFly), Lea Thompson (Lorraine McFly), Donald Fullilove (Mayor Goldie Wilson), Jokes Tolkan (Principal Strickland), and Harry Waters Jr. (Marvin Berry). Producer and co-writer Bob Gale will also be featured. Along with the Back to the Future cast, the new series will feature interviews with DeLorean experts, collectors, and fans of the movie.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Back to the Future is widely considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time. In a nutshell, it follows a teenage boy and trying to find his way back home to 1985 when he inadvertently time travels to 1955, meeting past versions of his family and his scientist friend Doc Brown. The movie spawned two sequels and branched out into other mediums, including an animated series and a stage musical adaptation. Lloyd has been vocal for years about his hope to reprise the role of Doc Brown in a fourth movie, but Zemeckis and Gale insist on leaving the franchise where it is, for better or for worse.

Last year, the Back to the Future cast (sans Crispin Glover) also reunited for Josh Gad’s online web series Reunited Apart. Cast members like Lloyd, Fox, and Thompson all returned, and the reunion also brought in other names from the trilogy like Mary Steenburgen, Elizabeth Shue, and “Power of Love” singer Huey Lewis. Zemeckis and Gale also were present to speak about the movie. This followed a previous reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2015 when Lloyd and Fox appeared in a DeLorean dressed as Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

All four episodes of Expedition: Back to the Future will premiere March 15 on Discovery+. For more from Lloyd, you can also see him alongside Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk in the upcoming action movie Nobody from John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. Universal Pictures will release that movie on March 26. This news comes to us from Entertainment Weekly.

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