Exploring The Gossip About ‘The View’ Hosts Being Furious Over New Permanent Co-Host

Are the hosts of The View fuming at the latest edition to their panel? One tabloid claims they aren’t happy about Meghan McCain‘s replacement. Let’s see how the ladies are handling the big news.

‘View’ Hosts ‘Lost It Over Meghan Fill-In’?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports the hosts of The View aren’t happy about the show’s newest member. Producers recently announced that former Trump aide Alyssa Farah Griffin will be joining the show permanently starting this fall. While producers have long been trying to fill Meghan McCain’s conservative seat, sources insist the current hosts aren’t happy about the outcome.

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“They feel she isn’t authentic and changes her opinions based on who her paymaster is,” an insider squeals. “Alyssa’s family is also problematic. Her father, Joseph, founded a website that seems to promote conspiracy theories. It’s terrifying!”

The magazine notes that fans of the show are threatening to boycott, while members of the crew are apparently concerned Griffin will deter potential guests. “Her appointment will also cost us bookings,” a snitch whines. “Comic Wanda Sykes pulled out because she didn’t want to be on the show with her!”

Hosts ‘Upset’ Over Meghan McCain Replacement?

We aren’t quite buying this tale. It’s no secret that the entire panel of The View overwhelmingly leans towards the political left. As a consequence of that, Meghan McCain was almost always the odd one out. She got into plenty of screaming matches with her co-hosts—most often Joy Behar—and the pundit even admitted that her feud with the most senior panelist contributed to her premature exit.

With all of that being said, everyone knew this day was coming. Producers needed a conservative host to fill McCain’s shoes, and, surprise, surprise, they found one. We could dwell on the knowledge that Griffin is inevitably going to disagree with her co-panelists, but, amazingly, that’s not what the current hosts are doing. In an interview with ET, Behar shared her thoughts about Griffin and compared her to her predecessor.

“Alyssa has got a whole different personality. I think it will be smoother, frankly,” Behar admits to ET. “I think this girl is going to do very well—I call her girl because she’s only 32 years old.”

And fans of the show will know that Behar isn’t one to fake niceties. It seems like, despite all the turmoil that led here, Behar is staying optimistic. And knowing that Behar was going to be the hardest of the panelists to win over, it’s looking like Griffin is a welcome addition to the show.

More ‘View’ Rumors From The Rag

Of course, we weren’t expecting any groundbreaking reporting from the National Enquirer. Back in March, the outlet reported that the show’s producers were trying to get Wendy Williams to join the show. Then the magazine claimed Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were terrified of Alyssa Farah Griffin. And more recently, the publication alleged Goldberg was in danger of being fired. So, we have no trouble dismissing this report as the latest installment in a long line of dubious stories.

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