Exploring The Sexist Feud Rumors Between Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have been friends for decades, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from insisting they secretly hate each other. Plenty of reports have claimed that the pair struggles to work together despite co-producing and co-starring in an award-winning TV show. Here are some of the latest rumors about the longtime friends.

Jennifer Aniston Won’t Talk To Reese Witherspoon?

Back in June, the Globe reported Jennifer Aniston couldn’t be bothered to stay in touch with her friends Reese Witherspoon and Courteney Cox. According to the report, Aniston had become so obsessed with working out that she didn’t have any time to socialize. “Jen gets invited by Reese and other people to their dinner parties, but she’s been declining because she has better things to do—like yoga and Pilates,” an insider spilled.

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But this story completely unraveled under the slightest bit of pressure. While Aniston is certainly a fan of staying fit, she also has a thriving social life. That very week, Aniston said in an interview that she just had Cox and Lisa Kudrow over at her house the night before and they stayed up late gabbing. From what we could tell, she wasn’t ignoring any of her friends to hit the gym.

Jennifer Aniston Feuding With Reese Witherspoon?

Then Life & Style reported that Aniston was fuming after finding out Witherspoon received an Emmy nomination for The Morning Show while she was horribly snubbed. “There have been ongoing jealousy issues. Now, their feud is exploding again!” an insider salaciously claimed. According to the report, Aniston has been jealous of Witherspoon’s success for some time now, and this Emmy snub was the final straw.

Of course, a little bit of context was all we needed to totally dismiss this story. First of all, we pointed out the magazine’s past futile attempts to invent a feud between the two successful women. And then we noted that Witherspoon was also snubbed from the Emmys two years ago while Aniston received a nomination. And this year, Aniston raked in two Golden Globe nominations while Witherspoon didn’t get any. It seems a bit silly to dwell on Aniston’s lack of an Emmy nomination this year when she and Witherspoon have both gotten plenty of accolades for their work on the show.

Reese Witherspoon Ended Friendship With Jennifer Aniston?

Finally, Star reported Aniston and Witherspoon were no longer friends following Witherspoon’s Emmy nomination. Apparently, Aniston was publicly saying she was happy for her co-star while she was privately telling people there was no chance she’d win. “She’s fuming privately and very embarrassed,” an insider insisted, adding that she and Witherspoon barely speak anymore.

But, once again, there was nothing to this rumor either. Aniston and Witherspoon continuously give each other well-wishes via Instagram on special occasions, and they’ve never given any indication that they don’t like each other. In fact, both actresses are expected to reprise their roles on The Morning Show for its third season. From what we could tell, the highly decorated actresses weren’t letting a little awards snub come between them.

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