Fans Lose It As Drake Disappoints & Fails To Drop New Album

Drake better have his phone on silent because fans are blowing up social media with priceless reactions to his broken promise.

The Canadian sensation began trending online following his failure to drop his highly-anticipated album, “For All the Dogs.” The rapper’s eighth studio project was reportedly scheduled to arrive on August 25 but did not hit streaming platforms as expected.

Naturally, the unavailability of the “God’s Plan” hitmaker’s new songs did not sit well with his fanbase. United against their idol, the majority expressed disappointment the only way they knew how — with hilarious memes and quips at the media personality’s expense.

Fans Troll Drake Over His Unreleased New Album: ‘Somebody Lied’

The X platform, formerly Twitter, was overrun by upset users over the five-time Grammy winner’s album. Many called out the chart-topper for failing to keep his promise, while others suspected the streaming sites had messed up the release date.


“Somebody lied and said a Drake album was supposed to be dropping today,” a fan wailed, wondering who to blame for the unreleased project. A fellow heartbroken music lover cited social media for giving them false hope, writing, “The internet really played me about this Drake album. Literally called out to listen all day.”

“Opened Spotify and didn’t see the new Drake album,” a Dreezy lover lamented. Also, another shared a hilarious gif of a man sitting on a swing alongside the words: “Me casually waiting all day for @Drake’s new album. Drop it already!”

More people pleaded for the “Hotline Bling” to drop “For All the Dogs,” with a fan claiming they spent their birthday wish hoping to receive the album on the scheduled date. On the other hand, some disgruntled X users did not hide their anger.

Someone labeled the Canadian heartthrob untrustworthy, boldly declaring: “Drake is a liar!” A fellow upset fan noted they would never be the same thanks to the father of one’s broken promise. “My trust issues have started now that Drake didn’t drop the album,” the individual penned. 

“So Drake ain’t drop that album, huh,” a third critic chimed, while a fourth called out the 36-year-old for updating his social media page without releasing his eighth album. “Drake posting on his story like he ain’t got an album to drop,” the follower quipped.

While others expressed sorrow over the unreleased project, one person found the situation ideal to spin a funny pun. Referencing the album’s title, the X user playfully claimed “Y’all ain’t get the Drake album last night? Guess you not a dog then.”

Fans’ displeasure was unsurprising as they had waited months for the Toronto native’s new songs. In June, the “Yebba’s Heartbreak” rapper announced the album alongside his first-ever poetry book.

The entertainer shared the big news on Instagram, dropping a picture of the collection of poems. The book featured a bright blue full cover wrap with the words: “TITLES RUIN EVERYTHING. A STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS BY KENZA SAMIR AND AUBREY GRAHAM.”

The project’s description contained never-before-seen lyrics, poems, and one-liners from the BET Award winner and his longtime collaborator. However, the book would only be sold to exclusive distributors from June 24 at $19.95.

Regarding his “For All The Dogs” album, Drake teased its arrival through newspaper ads. Tabloids like the New York Times, NY Post, and Toronto Star had a promotional QR code that took fans to a website confirming the project.

The OVO Sound Founder’s Son Designed The Cover Art For His Album 

Days before breaking fans’ hearts with the failed release of his new songs, the proud father revealed his album’s cover art was designed by his son, Adonis. The rapper welcomed the creative toddler during his relationship with the French painter Sophie Brussaux.

The “Toosie Slide” hitmaker unveiled the project’s cover on his Instagram page. The photo showed a childish depiction of a dog with red eyes. The drawing was sketched in white against a black background and captioned, “FOR ALL THE DOGS – Cover by Adonis.”

The little boy’s artwork touched the hearts of his father’s followers, who approved the post with over two million likes and numerous supportive comments. Many described the drawing as “Beautiful” and a “masterpiece,” while others praised Adonis’s skills.

“Young Picasso,” an individual chimed. “Damn, can’t beat that, tbh,” another fan claimed. A third raved: “Okay, Lil Drake came clutch with the album cover!” and a fourth sweetly declared: “On his Van Gogh.”

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