Fans Share Their Story As ‘Love Island’ Star Jess Hayes Gets Candid About Another Miscarriage

Jess Hayes has shared some heartbreaking news about her most recent pregnancy.

The reality star got people in their feelings after she announced that she suffered a miscarriage, with a series of somber images reflecting her state of mind. Within hours, her comment section was filled with hundreds of fans telling stories of their own experience with miscarrying a baby, with some offering her the safety of the community.

Jess Hayes Reflects On Her Life Since Suffering Her Second Miscarriage Recently

Almost a year after she disclosed that she was in therapy for baby loss following her 2020 miscarriage, Hayes suffered another. She shared the news with a black-and-white photo of her baby bump leading the slides she posted over the weekend.

In the image, the 2015 “Love Island” winner posed in front of a mirror donning a bra that seemed like a different color from her black joggers. The mother-of-one followed up with a collage featuring a sonogram and its interpretation and a positive pregnancy test, adding a snapshot of a page from a book in the fourth slide. The words read:

“remember that one thing you thought you never be able to overcome but you did? yeah. you can do that again.”

Fans Share Their Story As 'Love Island' Star Jess Hayes Gets Candid About Another Miscarriage
Instagram | Jess Hayes

A final slide showcased a notification informing Hayes that her baby’s hands would “soon open and close into fists.” Even though the text’s heading indicated that the Gloucester native was 11 weeks gone when she got the message, it is unclear if the pregnancy was older when she lost it. Starting her caption with a trigger warning, the TV personality penned: 

“I debated posting it feels really strange to open up and feel vulnerable but you know I’m always open and honest with you all and it’s hard to pretend I’m ok as it’s been a rough week. But I hope that someone going through the same this might help. I was pregnant and now I’m not.”

The 29-year-old explained that the pain went beyond “losing a pregnancy” to include “the plans you make, your vision of what that baby or child might of been like, what your family will look like.”

She then conceded that she made “a big mistake” by going out and keeping busy on that fateful day, adding that she planned to inform her loved ones of the good news during the upcoming Easter weekend “in a special way.”

“Who knows what the future brings.. Although I’m pretty scared and not sure I want to endure going through loss again. It sucks to say the least. But I’m hopeful, I have to be,” she continued.

After pointing out her hopefulness towards carrying her baby to a full term next time, she acknowledged her son Presley for being “even more of a blessing each day.” 

Touched by the candidness, one fan commented, “as a mom who has had 2 miscarriages and lost my 8 month old son, you’re right it doesn’t matter when you lose them it’s always horrible.”

Instagram | Jess Hayes

A second person admitted that the post had “touched a nerve,” narrating that they had two consecutive miscarriages within five months. The incident prompted the Instagram user to give their body a six-month break, and after that wait, they welcomed their second child.

The most touching remark, however, came from a 57-year-old woman who revealed how difficult losing two babies in her 20s was. She stated that she “found it really hard because 30 something years ago, no one around me would speak about it, i was left alone by myself to grieve.” Hayes shares her three-year-old son with her former fiancé, Dan Lawry.

The Model Talks About ‘Pressure’ To Change Her Body After ‘Love Island’

Metro UK observed that the brown-haired beauty broke down in tears during her appearance on the documentary “Love Island: Untold” last December. She was prompted to talk about her time in the villa as she and her former co-stars opened up about what happened after the series’ end. Recalling the cosmetic change she made to her face, she stated:

“I remember going in there [the villa] very natural, I was what I was. I came out and it was instantly like I needed to go and mess around with myself, my face.”

That “need” caused her to get fillers in different body parts, including her face and lips. “You become obsessed with how you look, and it’s keeping up appearances all the time. And eventually, that really takes its toll,” the blue-eyed celeb declared further.

Hayes’ life was made even worse with comments from internet trolls regarding her look, putting more “pressure from all angles” to look a certain way. She has since learned to appreciate her body and overlook unfriendly remarks from strangers.

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