Fans Share Thoughts On Bella Thorne’s ‘Odd’ Sexualization Claims

Bella Thorne is opening up about an important part of her life!

The award-winning actress, who is widely regarded for her beautiful and appealing body, has had her fair share of pressure as a young lady. While teasing fans with views of her sultry physique, Thorne made some claims about how she was oddly sexualized as she developed, naturally causing numerous reactions from fans.

Bella Thorne Says Sex Was Oddly Placed On Her While Developing

Bella Thorne's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Bella Thorne

Thorne’s latest update appears to imply that as she matured into a young woman, she was sexualized in a troubling way that fellow females probably experienced while growing up. 

The post featured nine ocularly precise snaps, some showing her against a white background and others professionally edited, possibly for magazine editorials. In the accompanying caption, she wrote:

“They’d say, ‘She’s such a sexy girl. Look, she’s growing into a woman. She’s developing now.’ Sex was placed on me in a very odd way that I think a lot of women deal with growing up.”

Bella Thorne's post on her Instagram Page
Instagram | Bella Thorne

In the first picture, the 25-year-old donned an all-leather outfit comprising short shorts, a jewel-adorned jacket, and knee-high boots. She also had several rings decorating her fingers. While squatting, she placed her right hand on her chest, gazing sensually at the camera. Her jacket was also slightly open, revealing she wore nothing underneath.

Another snap showed her wearing a skimpy glittery dress with a front slit and a revealing neckline. She paired the outfit with black chunky platform heels featuring ropes she tied around her calves. The “Dirty Sexy Money” star stared with heat at the camera and was also in a crawling position, showing more views of her cleavage while her hands lay flat on the white floor.

Bella Thorne's post on her Instagram Page
Instagram | Bella Thorne

Going for another look, she rocked a maroon and black zebra-print skin-tight jumpsuit. And at the same time, a black and white snap showed Thorne in a lacy ensemble and high-heeled footwear. She wore the same costume in the next slide but with dark shades while sitting on white steps. And in the ensuing one, she opted for a cowboy hat, lacy bustier, and oversized jeweled jacket.

Fans took no time in gushing over the image collection, including notable personalities like Paris Hilton, Dani Thorne, Azra, Isa Buscemi, and Valentina Fradegrada, among others.

Afterward, the gorgeous model reposted the same image of her in a cowboy hat on her Instagram Story, adding the caption from the update and asking fans for their thoughts. Several followers shared candid remarks showing their agreement with her message, as seen in another post on her Story.

Bella Thorne's post on her Instagram Page
Instagram | Bella Thorne

One fan wrote, “You are definitely calling out a very problematic trope in the development of young women.” Another stated, “I think most people are aware of the sexualization that child stars are subjected to, they just don’t care.”

Thorne’s sexualization claims come after she recently flaunted her enviable body features on her Instagram Story. While appearing for the “Giampaolo Sgura: Black and White Powered by Juventus” event, she rocked a sheer black, sleeveless turtleneck jumpsuit with only a dark part covering her nipple and side boobs.

The ensemble, which she paired with edgy jewelry and smokey eye makeup, left little to the imagination while showcasing her taut abs, evidently from her hard work at the gym.

The “Famous In Love” Star Marks Her 25th Birthday With An Intimate Session With Her Boyfriend

Bella Thorne's post on her Instagram Page
Instagram | Bella Thorne

Thorne, who recently marked her 25th birthday in style, ensured to include her new boyfriend in the celebration, as was seen on her Instagram. The Blast shared details of the images and video that the model posted.

The celebrant had several friends over to her bash along with her beau Mike Emms, a famous film and TV producer. Among the videos posted, the last one showed her wearing a very skimpy bikini and locking lips in heated passion with her man without a care for the world.

Thorne undoubtedly had a great time as she wrote so on the gram, adding, “From getting down in the dirt to getting down on the dance floor, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday celebration.” She also sent a note of appreciation to her best friend @alexayarnell for planning the glorious celebration.

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