Fans Swoon Over Jordyn Woods’ ‘Natural Body’ As She Bares It All In The Desert

Jordyn Woods knows how to work her body!

The model sent her followers and fans into a frenzy after she posted smoking hot images of her bare body on social media on Thursday. The eye-catching snaps, which were captured in the desert, come a few months after the go-getting businesswoman rocked jeans and a sweater to the beach during what appeared to be a vacation.

Jordyn Woods Has No Worries, Strips Down For Her Brand’s Campaign Shoot

Those who follow Woods on social media know she does not mind sharing steamy pictures of herself with them. In her latest stunt, the 25-year-old opted to disrobe for her latest campaign for her fashion line, Woods By Jordyn.

The entrepreneur, who has 12.3 million Instagram followers, uploaded four photos from the high-style shoot, using the stunning desert sands as her backdrop as she posed nude. In the first shot, the Boohoo collaborator faced the camera while shielding her eyes with nude-framed Chanel glasses and covering her breast with both hands.

The second slide featured an even sultrier image as Woods turned around to give the camera a view of her ample derrière, with a see-through blue cloth seemingly covering it. She placed her hands on her head and slightly bent her head to one side. 

Fans Swoon Over Jordyn Woods' 'Natural Body' As She Bares It All In The Desert
Instagram | Jordyn Woods

She then gave fans a side profile of her Chanel-adorned face in an up-close shot of her braided blonde hair and flawless upper back. The fourth slide highlighted an endless view of the desert sands as the Secndnture founder wrote in the accompanying caption:

“Just wrapped the second campaign for @woodsbyjordyn and I couldn’t be happier 🥲 can’t wait to share more with you soon.”

As expected, the comments immediately began flooding in, with this person claiming that the influencer was “showing the Kardashians how its done,” and another praising her for flaunting her natural body.

A third person declared their happiness that Woods was “just looking good and living her best life,” and a fourth chimed, “It’s the goddess hair for me 🔥.” “The heat is too much 😍😍😍 it’s burning me,” a fifth fan gushed, as a sixth gushed, “See how you ate this Jordyn.”

Multiple individuals responded similarly when the Easilock Hair Extensions collaborator showcased her trim figure in another set of portraits posted on Instagram in May. As reported by The Blast, Woods had paired a zebra print bikini with swirling hoops and a glam face beat for the vacation snaps.

While one slide featured her looking sun-kissed as she stared into the distance, another contained a mirror selfie emphasizing her taut abs and curves, and others featured her taking in her spectacular view from the top floor.

The Resistance Bands Line Creator’s Beach Post Pulled Her Fans’ Attention To Her Bosom

Fans Swoon Over Jordyn Woods' 'Natural Body' As She Bares It All In The Desert
Instagram | Jordyn Woods

Earlier in March, Woods had donned an unusual fit, comprising a white cropped top, a cream long-sleeved sweater-like jacket, and baggy jeans, to the beach. Despite the oddness of the ensemble to the sandy location, what caught people’s eyes were nipples that protruded through her tank top. 

Accordingly, one follower had commented, “That left nip saying hola cómo estás,” and another had typed, “It be the one nip, that never let you be great. Like why are you erect through the paddings of this hood bra while your sister nip is chilling?”

“Why is one of them poking and the other one isn’t 🤔🤔🤔,’ a third Instagram user queried, and a fourth asserted, “I never knew she had one nipple that’s crazy.” Others focused on the aesthetic of Woods’ outfit to the beach, with somebody commenting:

“Looking gorgeous as ever! Love the white cardi 🤍,” and a sixth person claimed, “Something about boyfriend jeans, it’s just so sexy.”

“AND IM HERE FOR THE HIP BONE AND WEIGHT LOSS SIS. you look the f good 😍😍😍😍😍,” yet another supporter effused, as cited by The Blast.

Meanwhile, a handful of commenters had other things on their mind, especially regarding her recent weight loss. “That OSEMPIC SHOT IS EVERYTHING TO THESE CELEBS… and random pp losing weight left and right. But what are the consequences long term?? It’s too good to come without risk!” one critic exclaimed.

Another observer wondered, “Is it just me or did she lose a lot of weight? Does anyone know how she got so skinny?”

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