Federal Arrest Warrant Issued For Brian Laundrie, Details Emerge About Bizarre Behavior

Brian Laundrie is now a wanted man. Although, it is not for the homicide of his fiancé Gabby Petito. It’s too soon to pull a move like that one, but he is wanted for credit card fraud.  The Feds have issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie whose whereabouts have been unknown since Sept. 14.

A federal Grand Jury had indicted Laundrie for the crime of, Use of Unauthorized Access Devices.

Credit Card Fraud? Okay

Apparently, Laundrie used a Capital One credit card that does not belong to him. It is not sure if the card belongs to Petito but it is for sure, not his. The indictment offers a timeline of the use of the card. He allegedly used this card between August 30 to Sept. 1 to the tune of about $1,000.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? But TMZ obtained a motion filed by prosecutors requesting that Laundrie be held without bail. They seem to think that he would be a danger to his community and moreover a possible flight risk.

The move is a bit aggressive for what they have issued the warrant for, but it may be because they suspect him of having a connection to something far more serious.

No Links Yet

It is again important to note that the Feds have not linked Laundrie to Petito’s homicide, but it is not insane that they would want to talk to him. No one has heard from Laundrie since he left without his wallet and cell phone in a family car.

“The FBI is focusing on locating Brian and when that occurs the specifics of the charges covered under the indictment will be addressed in the proper forum,” said attorney Steve Bertolino. Also pointing out that the arrest is a result of actions taken after Petito’s death.

The search is still on for Laundrie in the Carleton Reserve in Florida, where he retreated to when he left his parent’s home in mid-Sept.

In The Meantime…

A woman has come forward sharing an interaction that she had with Laundrie claiming to have picked him up while he was hitchhiking. Norma Jean Jalovec didn’t even know who Laundrie was until she later watched a TikTok video about Laundrie. “I picked him up…” she said. “Something just said, ‘Hey, ask him where he’s going.’”

Jalovec claimed that he was interested in “going to Jackson” but she wasn’t headed in that direction and instead dropped him off at the Spread Creek camping area. She insisted that when they approached the campsite, Laundrie insisted that she not drive him in.

He even apparently tried to “get out of the moving car” and was acting jumpy. Jalovec made sure she shared her interaction with Laundrie with the FBI. This is similar to an interaction a woman named Miranda Baker and her boyfriend claimed to have with Laundrie when they picked him up at an earlier time.

Laundrie’s Parents Are Worried

Sources have shared that Laundrie’s parents have expressed concern that he may harm himself and that this behavior is not normal for him. CNN reached out to the FBI for a comment, but they have not responded to the request.

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