Feeling Lucky? Online Sportsbooks Offers Odds On Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all! Online sports betting sites are now taking bets on who newly single Kim Kardashian, 41, dates next after ending her 9-month relationship with Pete Davidson. Online sportsbooks such as Bovada and OddsChecker are offering odds on which lucky man will be her next boyfriend. And just wait until you see the list of possibilities and their odds.

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While some people think this is hilarious, others are outraged by it. One TikToker, @laurenisgossip, posted the information calling the list of possible suitors you can bet on the “most absurd list of names I’ve seen.” She captioned her informative video, “how is this even legal, it’s messed up.”

@laurenisgossiphow is this even legal, its messed up 😫♬ original sound – Lauren | Pop Culture Gossip

TikTok Comments were Mixed Between Outrage and Humor

The comment section sure had a lot to say about the options on the list. Some comments included,

“WHO put money on Andrew Tate”


“Elliott page?? that one is so random”

“Kris Jenner is about to find a way to make money off this as well”

“Whoever made the is list knows nothing about Kim”

“No offense to who made it but none of these are good guesses besides Kanye like she will never date ray j guys and nick cannon? Be fr” Lauren, the creator of the video responded, “It’s the way people are spending REAL MONEY on this….like cmon this is insane.” Another commenter added, “We can bet on it in Australia too haha,” meaning that this craziness is global!

Many posted about how sad this situation really is. Comments included, “Why is no one talking about how gross this is,” “This is so disrespectful, even for Kim,” “Why are they so obsessed with her like let her be.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

So Who’s on the List?

At the top of the list is CNN contributor Van Jones. Jones is the favorite with odds of +800. Also in the top five are Ray J, Nick Cannon, Jamie Fox and Chris Evans (running back for the Cincinnati Bengals). Other names on the list include Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and two of her exes, Kanye West and Kris Humphries. Sports stars Kyrie Irving, Dak Prescott and Israel Adesanya are also on the list.

According to oddschecker.com, “Among the longshots to be Kim’s next boyfriend are Johnny Depp +10000 and Brad Pitt +10000. The two actors are given just a 1% chance here, but that’s still better than the odds given to nine teams to win the Super Bowl this year including both the New York Jets and New York Giants.”

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Twitter also Blew up with Tweets About the Boyfriend Betting Situation

Chris Evans of the Cincinnati Bengals got in on the Twitter fun with his own tweet.

There’s Not Likely to be a Winner any Time Soon

If you have been following along on Kardashian‘s prior dating history, you probably already know she has a pattern of dating athletes and musicians. But don’t hold your breath waiting for a big announcement anytime soon. Although Kardashian dated Davidson after her breakup with West, a source told ENews in early 2021 after the announcement of the divorce, “Kim isn’t ready to date and is not focused on dating yet. She’s had a rough year and wants to focus on herself and her kids right now.”

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