Female Pattern Hair Loss Is Real: A Powerful Solution To This Common Problem In Women

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Hair loss is usually a subject reserved for men and their increasing struggles with male pattern baldness as they age, but it shouldn’t be. Female pattern hair loss is real, despite the fact most research has focused on men. 

Thinning hair and widening parts are very common for women, and this can start in your 20s. Nearly 40 percent are affected by female pattern hair loss by age 50, and that number increases as we get older. More than half of all American women are affected by female hair loss by the age of 79.

All of that scientific research into male hair loss has produced some products that have been touted as proven solutions. Most notably, Minoxidil—aka Rogaine—has been the recommended treatment for years. But does Rogaine work for women?

Unlike men, women don’t usually go completely bald. Instead, we usually see a widening part or a thinning ponytail, maybe even some hair recession at the temples. Since hair loss affects women differently than men, it must be treated differently. The good news is that the FDA has approved Minoxidil for women—aka Women’s Rogaine.

The difference between Rogaine for men versus women used to be the dosage requirements. At first, men got a 5% topical foam to apply to the scalp while a 2% topical solution was approved for women to tackle widening parts and thinning temples. 

But now, women have access to both forms of Minoxidil. And the research shows it significantly increases total hair count for women with regular use in as little as 24 weeks. However, you should definitely consult with your doctor to find out which dosage and form is right for you.

Hair loss in women is usually progressive. No matter the cause, if it’s left untreated, you will likely continue to lose hair. The best course of action is to try a Minoxidil regrowth treatment like this option from Keranique.

Keranique is a 5% Minoxidil topical foam for women that can help stop the top of the scalp hair loss and support hair regrowth. It has been clinically proven to regrow hair where thinning has occurred. 

It works well on its own, but you can boost the process and regrow the hair you want by pairing the treatment with Keranique Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner. They also offer hair & scalp supplements and a lift and repair treatment spray that promotes a thick, healthy head of hair. Just remember, before you start taking Minoxidil you should talk to your doctor first.

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