First Hawkeye Set Photos Reveal Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Disney+ Series

It’s official, Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kate Biship in the upcoming Disney+ series, Hawkeye. Several images have now hit the internet showing Steinfeld filming alongside returning star Jeremy Renner, with the pair looking typically dramatic as they run through what looks like a train station. Steinfeld is also shown wearing the traditional purple of Kate Bishop and is even shown wielding an elegant looking bow. You can check out the images here.

But that’s not all, the superhero duo is joined by a third companion, Lucky the Pizza Dog. A beloved character from the comics, Lucky was first introduced when Clint Barton saves him and names him Lucky. The reason why the loveable dog is also known as Pizza Dog is because of an issue that is devoted entirely to Lucky’s point of view which reveals that he calls himself Pizza Dog because of his love of a New York slice. Here’s hoping that episode is realised in the upcoming Hawkeye series.

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Hailee Steinfeld meanwhile has been rumored for the role of Kate Bishop for quite some time, with the actress having played coy about her involvement in the series for some time. “[T]hat’s not something that’s necessarily happening. We’re going to wait and find out, I guess,” the actress said previously in response to the rumors. It was even at one time reported that Steinfeld had dropped out of joining the show, but with these set images confirming that she will indeed take up the Hawkeye mantle, an agreement was clearly met and Steinfeld will be the newest Avenger.

The character that she is playing in the Hawkeye series, Kate Bishop, was created for Marvel comics by Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung, with Bishop making her first appearance in the first issue of Young Avengers back in 2005. Much like Barton, she is a highly skilled archer and martial artist, and has since fought alongside The Avengers alongside the likes of Cassie Lang, the daughter of Ant-Man, with both characters taking on the superhero roles of their predecessors. It was announced earlier this week that Florence Pugh will return as Yelena Belova alongside Kate Bishop.

Steinfeld will be a welcome addition to the Disney+ show, with the actress having proven her talent for both action and drama in the likes of the Transformer spin-off, Bumblebee, the coming-of-age comedy-drama The Edge of Seventeen, the historical comedy-drama series Dickinson, and the western True Grit. She has even dabbled in the comic book movie genre before, providing the voice of Gwen Stacy in 2018’s Oscar-winning animated venture Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Renner, who will be reprising the role of Clint Barton for the series, confirmed shooting earlier this week with a snap of his Clint Barton-labelled chair on set, captioning the image with, “Ms Bishop … we need you!”

While not much is known about the direction of the this latest Disney+ original series, the addition of Steinfeld as Kate Bishop seemingly confirms that at least part of the series will focus on the relationship between Bishop and her relationship with Renner’s Clint Barton, with the Avengers taking Bishop under his wing in order to pass on the Hawkeye legacy. Hawkeye is expected to be released in late 2021 or early 2022 as part of Phase Four of the MCU. This comes to us from Twitter user XRealm Matthews.

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