First WandaVision Episode Was Filmed in Front of a Live Studio Audience

WandaVision is a “beautiful puzzle,” says star Paul Bettany. After months of waiting, Disney+ and Marvel Studios are preparing to release the long-awaited series. It was supposed to debut this year, along with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but the public health crisis halted production on both shows, resulting in delayed releases. Now, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will have to wait until next month to see what Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen have been hyping up for months.

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In a new interview, Paul Bettany took some time to discuss WandaVision, though he was obviously careful not to spoil anything. “It’s a really big swing we’ve taken a really big and it’s a beautiful puzzle that the audience will get to open over the course of the episodes,” Bettany said. “Peel back the layers and get closer and closer to the truth of what is going on in this town for this strange couple.” The Infinity War actor went on to note, “I would also say that there are a lot of firsts for all of us.”

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When discussing one of those aforementioned “firsts,” Paul Bettany talked about how they approached making WandaVision. “We shot the first episode in two days in front of a live studio audience, and we shot it exactly as you would have shot one of those shows in the ’50s, like The Dick Van Dyke Show or I Love Lucy. It was such a thrill and it was so bonkers and fun.” The Marvel Studios show will take MCU fans on a journey through the history of television in what has been described as a “fever dream.” Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is excited for fans to see what they came up with for the groundbreaking series.

Paul Bettany also commented on the differences between working on a television series and a big screen project within the MCU. “It was so much fun, and there was a practical reason for it, which is you’re trying to have exactly the same production values as you would in one of the movies,” Bettany said. It seems the actor really enjoyed taking things back to basics to mimic TV history. He explains.

“So being able to shoot one episode in two days and really curtail the amount of time you’re spending on those early episodes – and shooting them as they would have been shot in the 1950s, with three-camera setups and through sets that are built on a stage with an audience – you get through it really quickly. And then you’re able to bank that time to shoot the action.”

WandaVision is all set to premiere January 15th, exclusively on Disney+ and it sounds like MCU fans are really going to enjoy it. Kevin Feige has also stated more than once that the TV series leads directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which will make sure that a lot of fans check in, just to get some hints about the sequel, along with some information about how Vision is seemingly alive on the show. You can check out the interview with Paul Bettany above, thanks to the SiriusXM YouTube channel.

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