Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Got SOAKED Exercising On The Beach With A ROCK

Celebrity fitness trainer Senada Greca is back on the beach with another jaw-dropping workout that will make her 4.4 million Instagram followers think twice about how hard they hit the gym!

The Zentoa founder donned clothes from her own swimwear collection as she grabbed a rock, headed out onto the beach, and got soaked during a series of exercises that prove how hard she works to get her sculpted physique!

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Got SOAKED During Her Beach Bikini Workout!

Senada Greca beach body workout
Instagram | Senada Greca

In one of her latest Instagram videos, Senada crouched down in the sand as she moved through a series of exercises, using a rock instead of a dumbbell. She shares an exercise demonstration in each slide, even doing push-ups on her fists in the wet sand while her wet hair occasionally hits her in the face.

In the last slide, she almost gets knocked off balance as a wave hits her, but she holds her position and doesn’t waver. She only readjusts the large square rock that she is holding in her hand as she maintains her position.

“Full Body Workout – sub out for a dumbbell or kettlebell and do this workout anywhere,” she wrote in the caption. “I love getting that raw connection with nature, so found a rock and crushed this workout with the ocean on the background and the rain falling. What an amazing feeling.”

Fans were in awe of her incredible video! “Now I see where she gets her super power She is a mermaid,” one fan commented. “Haha so sweet,” Senada replied. “You make everything look so easy, when it’s really not,” another follower wrote. “This must be the workout that always gets the most likes,” a third fan chimed in.

“Isn’t it the best feeling? Working out using whatever elements nature gives us is. I do smaller rocks though,” another follower shared. “Truly amazing!” Senada agreed. “You’re something else. Omg. Huge respect and admiration,” another fan gushed. “Thank you, love. So kind of you,” Senada replied.

“I work out outside and use tree logs or whatever I have available. Your works are fire,” another fan shared. “Yes! Keep crushing it lovely!” Senada replied. “That’s the Virgo in you! Getting in touch with Mother Earth,” another follower teased, prompting Senada to reply with a raised hands emoji. When another fan asked where she was, Senada revealed that this video was shot on a beach in Cabo!

This Isn’t The Only Time Senada Has Embraced Her ‘Primal’ Self!

Senada also grabbed a black Zentoa bikini and headed to the beach last month to remind her followers just how versatile fitness can be! “Who remembers my rock workouts? These are a must whenever possible. Get in touch with your primal self and realize the strength within,” she wrote in the caption along with slides that featured a variety of exercises that could be done on the beach with a large rock!

“Knowing me I’d probably accidentally drop the rock on my head and suffer a concussion,” one fan teased. “Me too!” another follower chimed in. “Same!” a third fan agreed. “Just came here to say the same thing. This post should come with a warning for people like me,” another follower teased.

Senada Greca full body workout beach bikini
Instagram | Senada Greca

“I not only see muscles and a stunning body. I see discipline, commitment, hard work, strength,” another fan gushed. “Could you tell us something? This body you got from lifting weights at the gym or from exercises like this?” another follower asked. “I do a combination of relatively heavy weight lifting in the gym and outside as this workout is nothing to scoff at and could define hot build muscle. But I do full body lighter weight workouts too in combination,” Senada replied.

Interested in more Senada Greca content? In another recent Instagram post, she shared a breakdown of what she eats when she goes on vacation to maintain her fit physique! Fans can check out that info, which she gave out while flaunting her muscular frame in a bikini, by clicking here!

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