Foo Fighters Join Dave Chappelle for Saturday Night Live Post-Election Episode

The Foo Fighters are joining host Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live this weekend as the musical guest, marking their eighth stint appearing on the sketch comedy series. Days ago, it was revealed that Chappelle would be serving as the host for the second time for the show’s first post-election episode. At the time, the musical guest was not yet named, but a new video posted by the SNL account on Twitter reveals that Dave Grohl and the other Foo Fighters will also be featured on the program.

We can expect that this weekend’s SNL will get political, as it’s no coincidence that Dave Chappelle will be returning on the Saturday after the 2020 presidential election. He made his SNL hosting debut four years ago in the same week Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election of 2016. At the time, Chappelle joked how the United States of America actually managed to “elect an internet troll.” While the results of this year’s election are still under contention, it’s all but certain Chappelle will have a lot to say about it on Saturday night.

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After appearing on SNL in 2016, Chappelle managed to win the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. As for the Foo Fighters, the popular music group has been appearing on the show since debuting their first album in 1995. They officially joined the “Five-Timers Club” after appearing on the series for the fifth time in 2007. Continuing to make guest appearances over the years, the Foo Fighters were last seen on the show in December 2017 when they performed a Christmas-themed medley along with the song “The Sky Is a Neighborhood.”

Previous celebrity guest host and musical guest combinations seen so far this season on SNL include Chris Rock and Megan Thee Stallion; Bill Burr and Jack White; Issa Rae and Justin Bieber; Adele and H.E.R.; and John Mulaney and The Strokes. Hosts and musical guests for new episodes in the coming weeks have not yet been announced.

This season of SNL has also prominently featured Jim Carrey as Joe Biden starting with the season premiere. Also back in their Emmy-winning roles for the show this year are Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris. It seems more than likely that all three will be back on Saturday’s new episode of SNL to satirize this week’s election, along with the contested results. The presidential and vice presidential debates of recent weeks have been spoofed in prior episodes.

The Foo Fighters are also celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album, the self-titled Foo Fighters, which was released in 1995. Although many popular bands from that era have since disbanded, Foo Fighters are more popular than ever, and their appearance on SNL this weekend is certain to have many of their fans tuning in. The episode will premiere on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC. News of the Foo Fighters joining the show this weekend comes to us from Saturday Night Live on Twitter.

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