Former ‘Wonder Years’ Star Danica McKellar Has Written A Cute New Children’s Book

Wonder Years actress Danica McKellar is celebrating a new project: her new book, Double Puppy Trouble, is hitting bookstores this summer! The actress recently took to Instagram to celebrate the children’s book release. 

McKellar Celebrates New Book: ‘This Never Gets Old’

“You guys…!! It arrived in the mail! My first official copy of my new book, ‘Double Puppy Trouble,’ woo-hoo!!!!” McKellar captioned a video of herself holding the picture book. “Fifteen years and 11 books in, this never gets old. This adorable picture book (thank you to my amazing illustrator, @joseemasse !) is perfect for ages 4-8, and sneaks some math (the power of doubling!) into a zany story of puppy mayhem, along with an important message of sibling love and teamwork.”

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In her video, McKellar showed off the physical copy of the book, telling followers, “It wasn’t a real book before!” The actress showed off the illustrations and went over the story. “It teaches the power of doubling,” she explained, describing the main character and the magic wand she finds that gives her the power to double things—including puppies! 

McKellar Is A Math Whiz

This is not McKellar’s first book. The actress has made a name for herself writing math books for children and middle schoolers. Her previous works include Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail, Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who’s Boss, Goodnight Numbers, and Bathtime Mathtime

The actress and author definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to mathematics. After her role on The Wonder Years ended, McKellar enrolled at UCLA and majored in math. 

While there, she and another student were recruited by a professor to work on a research project. It resulted in a new mathematical proof named the Charles-McKellar-Winn theorem. After graduating summa cum laude, McKellar went back to acting. 

The Actress Even Has A Ph.D.

However, after a few more years in Hollywood, McKellar decided to continue pursuing her love of mathematics. She enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Chicago and received her Ph.D. in mathematics in 2005. 

McKellar’s love of math has resulted in a number of great children’s books, and parents all over are grateful to the actress for igniting an interest in mathematics in their children!

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