Francesca Farago & Chloe Veitch Tour The ‘Perfect Match’ Villa In Bikinis

“Too Hot To Handle” costars Francesca Farago and Chloe Veitch are giving fans an up-close-and-personal view of the villa where they filmed the Netflix reality series “Perfect Match” in Panama.

The “Hunger Games” style reality dating show featured contestants from many of Netflix’s previous hit shows, including “Too Hot To Handle,” “Love Is Blind,” and “The Circle.”

Although neither Chloe nor Francesca found their “Perfect Match” on the show, they had a great time taking fans around the villa and showing off their favorite spot: the pool!

‘Too Hot To Handle’ Stars Francesca Farago & Chloe Veitch Give Exclusive ‘Perfect Match’ Villa Tour In Bikinis

The two Netflix reality stars took to Instagram to give fans an “exclusive tour” of the “Perfect Match” villa, as Chloe wrote in the caption. In addition to showing fans around the villa, they also answered several “burning questions” from fans.

One question asked the girls, “Who from another season of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ would you like to be on this show?” Chloe was quick to name Nicole O’Brien, while Francesca wished that Bryce Hirschberg was there to serenade her on the piano!

Francesca Farago & Chloe Veitch Tour The ‘Perfect Match’ Villa In BikinisFrancesca Farago & Chloe Veitch Tour The ‘Perfect Match’ Villa In Bikinis
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

When asked, “Who from another Netflix series, real or fictional, would you want to be on this show?” both girls said that there are already too many people in the house, with Francesca saying, “The mix is insane.”

When asked about their favorite part of the house, Chloe said that she loved the pool the most because “I love getting wet.” Both girls agreed that the “craziest stuff” happens in the pool and is where all the fun happens. Francesca teased “crazy nights” that included “skinny dipping” and “some tequila shots, a lot of kissing, a lot of other things has gone down.”

Things Get ‘Pretty Heated In The Pool’ In Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’

Cast Of Perfect MatchCast Of Perfect Match
Instagram | Izzy Fairthorne

“Things get pretty heated in the pool,” Chloe agreed. When asked “What’s the best place to hook up?” Chloe was quick to tell fans that, from her own personal experience, bedroom three was the best place to hook up. “I mean, the scenery is absolutely insane and after things get a little bit too hot, you can always take a dip in the pool.”

Francesca liked the main suite, which had a “beautiful, wraparound, like infinity pool” and the “Roman cathedral shower.” The two also answered questions about whether they prefer Instagram or TikTok and what is the best way to slide into someone’s DMs. They also said they preferred voice notes to text messages.

Chloe Veitch on TVChloe Veitch on TV
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

The two girls interrupt Joey Sasso in the bathroom while his “Perfect Match” Kariselle quickly disappears out of view in the background. Although the two had a history together and even became engaged on the show, the two, unfortunately, went their separate ways slowly after filming wrapped.

Still, the two girls looked like they were having a blast as Chloe gave fans a peek at the shower. While in the bathroom, the two girls were asked what the “Perfect Match” theme song would be. Francesca commented, “I feel like anything from 98 Degrees because it’s very hot in here, and with Nick Lachey as the host, you know, it just makes sense.”

Chloe Warns That There Are ‘A Lot Of Tears’ On ‘Perfect Match’

Chloe Veitch snaps a selfieChloe Veitch snaps a selfie
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

Although the two girls said that “Perfect Match” was “hot” and “sexy” throughout the tour, Chloe did warn that there is “gonna be a lot of crying, a lot of tears, and also a lot of sexy moments.” Chloe added, “So hopefully my mom isn’t watching this because she would be extremely disappointed in me.”

When asked about the personal highlights of the show, Francesca said the friendships she’s made and how much she’s grown as a person… as well as the skinny dipping. “Seeing everyone just get butt naked and jump in the pool,” Francesca recalled.

Francesca Farago poses in green lingerieFrancesca Farago poses in green lingerie
Instagram | Francesca Farago

Chloe said her personal highlight was finding “so much more” about herself before she teased that she was “actually falling in love” with someone on the show. Fans now know that Chloe had matched with season 2 “Love Is Blind” reality star Shayne Jansen, but the two called it quits shortly after filming wrapped.

When asked to describe the show in three words, the two girls went back and forth between “fun,” “hot,” “sexy,” and “horny,” before they added “a lot of tears.” Chloe joked, “We can’t count” as they wrapped the video.

Chloe Veitch from "Too Hot To Handle" and "The Circle"Chloe Veitch from "Too Hot To Handle" and "The Circle"
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

In the comments, Francesca joked that they were “One take wonders” while fans took sides between who they liked better: Francesca or Chloe. It got to the point where Chloe quickly added, “Guys please nothing but love on this page- I don’t want any negativity about anyone on my Instagram #bekind.”

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