Francesca Farago’s Sneaky Thirst Trap IG Account Is On Fire With White Hot New Post

Francesca Farago is taking a lot of risks posting this one. The YouTuber is promoting her bikini line but it has to be done on a separate IG because it’s just too sexy.

Francesca Farago Is A Brand New Person

Francesca Farago models her new lingerie
Instagram | Francesca Farago

The sexy post features the Canadian beauty in a two-piece string bikini. The string bikini sits high on her hips and offers an eye-catching ruching rounds out the bikini bottom. The top looks like a tube top but it offers string holding it up that match the strings on the bottoms.

She dons a long platinum blonde look and touches herself suggestively while she dances and enjoys the newest edition to her line. She doesn’t dare turn around because from what we can see, or can’t see, there is nothing but a small amount of material covering the back.

Francesca Farago Followers Are Here For It

Francesca Farago in a white bikini
Instagram | Francesca Farago

The influencer is receiving a lot of love for her sexy post and new doo. “How do you look good with every hair colour?!! Okaaaaaay🔥🔥🔥” inquired a curious follower. Another one suggested like she looked apart of a famous reality TV family, “looking like one of the kardashians.”

Farago wasn’t afraid to share a little bit of underboob for more of those likes and comments.  At one point, she raises her arms and nearly avoids an accidental slip. She called the bikini, “bikini x”  while she bounced up and down flirting with the camera.

The bikini comes in different colors as we learned through one of her followers who wrote, “But brown is the better one.”

Francesca Farago Is In The Mood To Dress Up

Francesca Farago's Sneaky Thirst Trap IG Account Is On Fire With White Hot New Post

Farago has been sharing a few costume ideas on her sexy 2.0 IG page everything from bold wigs to full-blown outfits. Her blonde look is one that could end up as part of her Halloween costume.

She recently posted a naughty Buzz Lightyear costume and splayed herself out on a couch to show it off. “To infinity…🚀🚀 come chat with me! Link in bio to see all my Halloween pics, I had so much fun taking these I wish it was Halloween every day😍,” she writes.

The sexy costume was also a two-piece that she paired with a set of futuristic shades. She is posing like a living doll in the second photo making eye contact with the camera and giving her followers a front look at her, not-so-kid-friendly Halloween costume option.

The sexy look is just one ins a series of looks she has shared so far including a sexy demon. “I was 6 different things for Halloween this year🎃❤️ I took all the pics and videos for only for YOU. Link in bio to see them all before it’s too late ❄️,” she teased.

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