#FreeKesha Trends After Kim Petras Debacle Rehashes Abuse Claims Against Dr. Luke

Kim Petras has to defend herself against Kesha fans since choosing to go so hard for producer Dr. Luke amid rape allegations.

Kesha Fans United

Kesha at BBC Radio 1 in London England on November 8th 2019

The singer has a following that won’t back down after Petras made it clear she has zero intentions of not working with Dr. Luke the super producer.

“I’m sick and fkn tired of Kim Petras continuing to be a r*pe apologist in 2022,” began one tweet. “ It would’ve been one thing if she just kept her mouth shut but she is absolute TRASH for openly defending him like this.  #FreeKesha #MuteDrLuke”

Fans reminded Petras that while she was getting her music deals on, Kesha is still battling trauma from having to work with Dr. Luke AND, she is still stuck in a contract with him.

“Reminder that Kesha is still not free.. the man that abused her for years is still trying to traumatize her again by dragging through the same court system that failed her.. he is trying to take her money, her career, & her voice.. #FreeKesha,” shared another supporter of Kesha

Kim Petras Just Wants To Make Music

2019 Streamy Awards

Petras has since deleted her tweets but the singer made it clear that she has no issue with Dr. Luke as long as she can get that number one hit song. “Get talented or good at anything then talk to me,” she wrote in one tweet.

In another she insisted that she is just going with the flow of the industry. “5000000 ppl work with him why y’all only coming at me. I have nothing to say or be ashamed of at all. go away.”

While she was receiving her own backlash over the tweets, Kesha’s fans were disgusted but not surprised. In fact, she has allegedly done it before. “Reminder that Kim Petras also works with Larry Rudolph, one of the men who helped set of Britney Spears’ conservatorship.”

Another tweet spoke about other artists he is allegedly holding hostage. “Reminder that Luke is also holding Becky G and Doja Cat in contracts and abusing his power over them as well.

Other women like Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Bebe Rexha, Bonnie McKee, and Avril have commented Luke’s abusive behavior. He is a serial woman abuser. #FreeKesha.”

Kesha Publicly Thanked Her Fans

Kesha Performs at Stonewall in NYC for 2022 Gay Pride

The humbled singer took to social media to acknowledge her fans. She tweeted; “Thank you” and it was more than enough for her followers to keep up the battle for her and anyone else accusing the producer of rape.

Kesha is currently in a legal battle with him as the producer has decided to counter sue Kesha for her allegations against him. Her fans make sure to keep the hashtag and trend alive whenever an injustice comes her way.

“Kim petras willingly works with kesha’s rapist and sexual predators like jesse saint john, has disparaged kesha and said she doesn’t believe her, and hasn’t gotten a SINGLE HIT in her years of working with luke. and then she claims she’s not ashamed of her behavior… #freekesha.

Others have chalked Petras behavior up to her being depraved. “Imagine how twisted you have to be to DEFEND this type of behaviour……………… #FreeKesha.”

Is Dr .Luke A Threat?

Kesha posts a selfie
Instagram | Kesha

The trend also took the opportunity to point out that Dr. Luke could paossibly be harming Kesha and the proof is right there. “Kesha confirms that her album ‘Cannibal’ does not count towards her record deal with RCA. This means she will be stuck in her contract with Dr Luke for 2 more albums, not 1 💔” the fan also shared the tweet from Kesha’s account.

“#FreeKesha from this frivolous lawsuit. Another abuser trying to silence his victim with a lawsuit. Ask again why victims don’t come forward,” wrote anther fan in support of Kesha.

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