Gen Z Is Obsessed With This ‘Weird’ Blush Application That Is Actually Genius For Mature Skin

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As this Gen Xer gets older, I find myself turning into my parents. I talk way too much about “kids these days” and how things were different “back in my day.” I swore it wouldn’t happen, but here I am at 44, scrolling TikTok and chuckling at Gen Z.

The cool thing is that the fashion and trends from my high school and college years—the 1990s—are once again front and center in 2022. But that’s not necessarily the case with makeup.

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I recently noticed Instagram makeup influencers applying blush in unexpected places on their face. My first reaction was, “What?!” But it turns out the technique harkens back to the 1970s (when my mom was a teenager!), proving once again that everything old is new again.

And I don’t hate it. I think it’s genius.

Way Bandy, a seventies makeup artist to stars including Cher, Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Tiegs, and others was a fan of the technique, which is called draping. 

Some use draping on the nose, while others use it under and around the eyes. No matter how you use it, you don’t have to be a social media influencer to try it. In fact, it might be your new go-to blush technique, especially if you have mature skin.

How To Use Draping To Enhance Your Day-To-Day Makeup

Makeup artist Elle Leary demonstrates in the video below how you can use the draping technique at any age.

[embedded content]

She slows how to use blush instead of contour and bronzer to sculpt the face. It brings more color and life to the skin, adding a “lit from within glow”—and it can be flattering on all ages and skin types. It also gives your face a lift or at least the appearance of one. 

  • Elle recommends first applying a non-powder foundation with a brush, then using a beauty sponge to apply your cream blush.
  • Apply the blush at the high points of your face: The top of the cheekbones near the hairline and beneath the eyes.
  • Place blush at the top of each eyebrow arch. For an extra lift, apply a little more to the brow bone.
  • Apply a little on the nose, chin, and at the center of the neck.
  • Using the same brush you used for your foundation, lightly blend the blush, being careful not to erase everything you just did.

There you have it! That’s the process for blush draping, giving you a fresh, sun-kissed look. Try it for an everyday look or take inspiration from Cher and make it glam, and shop Leary’s go-to cream blush below!

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