Genevieve Parisi Speaks Out Regarding Aaron Clancy Multiple Girlfriends Rumor

“Bachelor In Paradise” star Aaron Clancy is in hot water.

Not only are fans of the reality show attacking Aaron for gaslighting his “Paradise” girlfriend, Genevieve Parisi, but rumors began circulating that 27-year-old also had two girlfriends back home before leaving for the beach.

Now, Genevieve is addressing those rumors.

Genevieve Parisi Says Aaron “Had To Leave The Beach Single”

Genevieve Parisi bikini
Instagram | Genevieve Parisi

The 27-year-old bartender recently went onto the “The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous” podcast, where she told hosts, Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, she believes Aaron had girlfriends back home. 

“I absolutely think that [Aaron] had to leave the beach single and he had no plans of leaving in a relationship — and definitely not engaged,” she explained. “If you look at the timeline, it doesn’t make sense to convince me to stay [when I packed my bags] two times when you could’ve let me go days before. You could’ve [denied] me the rose. It doesn’t make sense!”

She also brought up how she is no longer calling the girlfriend rumors “rumors” as there is proof to it. “I don’t know if I want to say ‘rumors’ because I think there’s proof of it,” Genevieve continued to explain, “that Aaron had a girlfriend before leaving for Paradise — and not only one, but two.”

Reality Steve Exposes Aaron Clancy

Aaron Clancy dating before bachelor in paradise
Instagram | Aaron Clancy

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Aaron Clancy is currently dating a woman, whom he actually began spending time with at least nine months ago — prior to “Bachelor In Paradise.”

“It’s pretty clear she’s making it known on her Instagram that her and Aaron are a thing,” Carbone said on his podcast. Although he did not mention the mystery girl’s name, Carbone did say Aaron is definitely currently dating and/or hooking up with the woman.

“And based on some of her IG posts,” Carbone wrote in one of his blog posts, “[it] seems like this is someone who’s been around for a while.”

Just days after the initial reports broke, a woman reached out to him regarding Aaron Clancy, claiming she was dating the reality television star as well — making her the second woman Aaron dated before the show.

“She started seeing Aaron in September of last year right when the last season of Paradise was airing,” Reality Steve wrote. “They dated from September through November when they broke it off. In January of this year, they rekindled and started dating again, this time more serious.” He then noted that this woman said she dated Aaron “from January through May, a couple weeks before he left for Paradise.”

The spoiler blogger continued to say there was an “undeniable” overlap between Aaron dating the new woman and his current girlfriend, who Aaron was also dating before the show.

She also posted a photo with Aaron in Summer 2021 from when they apparently took a trip to Tulum, Mexico together — prior to “Bachelor In Paradise.”

“There’s nothing that I’ve found from right before he left for BIP filming,” Carbone continued to write. “But I’m just being realistic here. Aaron is no different than a lot of the guys in this franchise. Plenty of them go on the main show and BIP with women back home that are basically put on ‘hold,’ or they have in the back of their minds if things don’t work out.”

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