Get Moving: 59-Year-Old Influencer Shares A Foolproof 6-Step Strategy For Learning New Dance Moves

Mimi Ison is a self-proclaimed “age-positive motivator” who runs a blog and Instagram account called HeyMiddleAge.

She writes thought-provoking articles for her blog on issues that affect women in their midlife. Money management, vanity, memory, and ageism are subjects she’s explored. However, she’s seriously focused on exercise, dancing, and moving her body.

She mentions many times on her Instagram page that she is committed to staying strong as she ages. She wants to keep the abilities she has today—walking, running, climbing, swimming, dancing, and more as she enters her 60s and beyond. And she’s a phenomenal dancer, which is featured on her Instagram page.

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You might be wondering how she learns and perfects all of the complicated and fast-paced dances she showcases. Well, she’s just broken down her smart strategy in a recent post.

  1. When you come across a dance video you like on social media, screen record it on your phone.
  2. Upload the video to a video editing app of your choice, like iMovie.
  3. Change the video speed to “slow.”
  4. Break down each step into an eight-count.
  5. Start with your feet only, adding in arms once you’re comfortable with the footwork.
  6. Practice, practice, practice!

Ison increases the video’s speed gradually, working her way up to full speed. She ends the tutorial with the caption, “Keep going! Dancing is happiness!”

Ison is definitely on to something. Dancing is great for both physical and mental health, it releases endorphins, improving your mood and easing symptoms of depression and anxiety. And learning complicated choreography can even improve brain function.

The physical benefits are obvious too. Dancing can improve flexibility, strength, and balance. It can also improve cardiovascular health and circulation, and reduce pain. That sounds like happiness to me!

You can learn and master new skills at any age, yes, even including those youth-centric TikTok dances! If you’re new to dance or exercise it’s important to start slowly and listen to your body. Make sure to stretch, hydrate, and back off if anything is painful. It also wouldn’t hurt to mention any new exercise routines to your doctor. Happy dancing!

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