Gisele Bundchen Assigned Tom Brady A List Of ‘Relationship Rules’ After ‘Forcing’ Him To Retire From The NFL, Report Claims

Did Gisele Bundchen draft out a list of “relationship rules” for Tom Brady? One tabloid claims Bundchen is determined to keep her marriage alive. Let’s take a look at Bundchen’s rules.

Gisele Bundchen Puts Five New ‘Marriage Mandates’ In Place?

This week, OK! reports Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were on the brink of divorce before he decided to retire from the NFL. The couple had apparently been struggling as Bundchen longed for Brady to spend more time at home. And now that she isn’t sharing him with the NFL anymore, she has a plan to keep their marriage in check. Apparently, Bundchen has come up with a list of “relationship rules” for her husband.

The first of the five rules is “love unconditionally.” As the tabloid explains, Bundchen and Brady are done trying to change each other. “Gisele says they must learn to accept each other just as they are… flaws and all!” an insider notes. Secondly on the list is “make it a date.” In an effort to keep their romance alive, Bundchen wants to have more alone time with her hubby. The third is “honor priorities,” meaning their marriage comes before their careers. “She says a happy, healthy couple make better parents.”

Coming in at number four is “tell the truth.” Apparently, Bundchen believes that communication is the only way they can maintain trust. And finally, Bundchen wants them to “hit reset” from time to time. “They have to give each other personal space and let each other unwind in the way they want,” the tipster explains. “For Gisele, it’s yoga. For Tom, a nap!”

Gisele Bundchen Drafts New Rules For Tom Brady?

We are not buying this story. First of all, in what world would this tabloid have access to this kind of information? This goes way beyond the little tips we’re used to seeing. If she really did come up with these rules, we would expect that information to be reserved for the most trusted members of her circle. But not only does this insider claim to know about the list, but they can recite and give a detailed description of each rule. That in itself is a major red flag.

But the other unlikely detail is in the rules themselves. Taking a look at Bundchen’s alleged list, the points are some of the most basic and general guidelines for a marriage. While they’re good reminders, we doubt that after 15 years together they’re just now telling each other to “tell the truth” or “love unconditionally.” The vagueness of these rules is a pretty good indicator that this story is totally made-up.

The Tabloid On Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen

We wouldn’t trust anything OK! says about Tom Brady or Gisele Bundchen since it’s spent the last two years claiming they were having a third child together. Back in 2020, the outlet alleged Bundchen was pregnant. Then the magazine reported the pair was in “baby-making mode.” And finally, the publication claimed the couple was going for “one more baby.” Clearly, OK! isn’t reliable when it comes to the couple.

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