Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson Team Up With Chelsea And Hillary Clinton For Mother-Daughter Dance Lessons

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are celebrating the premiere of their Apple TV+ series Gutsy, and some of the show’s famous guest stars recently shared an inside look at their episode of the docuseries. 

Hawn Shares Pics From ‘Mother-Daughter Tango Lesson’

“What could be more fun than taking a mother-daughter tango lesson with these 3 incredible women?” actress Goldie Hawn captioned an Instagram post. The photos include a group shot of both Clintons, Hawn, and her daughter Kate Hudson, as well as a picture of all four dancing. 

“Had a fabulous time sharing our stories and dancing the day away,” Hawn continued. “You can stream @hillaryclinton and Chelsea Clinton’s new docuseries #Gutsy on @AppleTVPlus.”

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Hawn and Hudson aren’t the only A-list stars the Clintons recruited for Gutsy. The mother and daughter team will talk with Kim Kardashian, Dr. Jane Goodall, Megan Thee Stallion, Amy Schumer, Gloria Steinem, and Wanda Sykes. The show is intended to showcase women who inspire both the Clintons and the community, as well as facilitate conversations about topics like menopause and female sexuality. 

Hillary Clinton: ‘A Gutsy Woman Is Determined To Make The Most Of Her Own Life’

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Hillary explained what she thinks a “gutsy” woman is: “I think a gutsy woman is determined to make the most of her own life, but also to try to use whatever skills, talents, persistence, that she has to bring others along.”

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“And you can do it in any field or any area,” Chelsea chimed in. “So whether that’s sports or activism or the arts, it is important to us that there would be a wide spectrum of women who have been hugely gutsy for themselves and for their communities.”

Hillary also shared her “gutsiest” moment, saying, “The gutsiest thing I ever did privately was stay in my marriage. It was not easy and it was something that only I could decide. And then in my public life, running for president, I mean, it was hard. It was really hard. And it was, you know, trying to be on that tightrope without a net and nobody in front of me because it hadn’t been done before.” Fans of the Clintons are excited to see what the mother-daughter duo might reveal on Gutsy, as well as the conversations they will have with their big-name guest stars.

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