Gossip Claims Angelina Jolie Supposedly Forcing Brad Pitt To ‘Jump Through Hoops’ To Spend Any Time With Their Kids

Is Angelina Jolie preventing Brad Pitt from seeing his children? A rumor is making the rounds about the Hackers star making Pitt jump through hoops to see his own kids. Here’s what we know.

‘Desperate Dad Brad’

Per Life & Style, Pitt’s been forced to fly to Rome just for a short visit with his kids. The Snatch star is apparently having to go the extra mile to see them amid his ongoing custody battle with Angelina Jolie. An insider says, “Brad refuses to allow her to mess up his relationship with the kids any longer—even if it means he has to fly halfway around the world to visit them.”

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Despite everything going on, distance and trials namely, a source says, “Brad still has a close relationship with his youngest kids.” Jolie is not making his life any easier, for the two are locked in one of Hollywood’s most bitter divorces. The Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars “don’t talk or see each other, and anything related to the children is organized via a third party,” the snitch says, adding that Jolie doesn’t want Pitt to see his children at all.

Part of Jolie’s plan is supposedly to turn the eldest children Maddox and Pax against their father. The insider concludes, “The situation saddens Brad deeply. All he’s ever wanted is to be a hands-on dad—with all of his children.” 

How Is Brad Pitt Doing?

It’s all too common to see tabloids vilify Angelina Jolie during her divorce. This is just another story painting her as a conniving and jilted woman determined to keep her kids away from Pitt. Tabloids love calling Jolie a bad mother. It’s despicable.

The only truth in this story is that Pitt visited Rome recently. That’s it. Jolie’s filming there, so he was probably in town to see his kids, but we don’t know for sure. Life & Style has extrapolated a whole misogynistic narrative out of Pitt going to the airport.

For what it’s worth, Pitt and Jolie have arranged visits in the past. He was spotted leaving Jolie’s house a few years ago, and he can certainly afford a trip to Rome fairly easily. There’s only so much Jolie can legally do while the custody battle rages, and anything akin to what this story describes would certainly benefit Pitt’s case. It’s best to take this story with a grain of salt because of how lopsided it favors Pitt.

More Brad Pitt Drama

The last time Life & Style wrote about Pitt traveling to Rome, it was supposedly so he could meet up with Jennifer Aniston on a romantic getaway. That’s right: This tabloid seriously believes Pitt and Aniston are still a thing. The two haven’t adopted any children of their own because, well, they’re not a thing.

Curiously, this very tabloid once announced Aniston solved the rift between Pitt and his kids. That story goes conspicuously unmentioned here. That narrative cannot co-exist with this story of Pitt jumping through hoops. Neither story is worth buying into. Life & Style clearly has no real insight into Pitt’s personal life.

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