Guest Banned From Disney Park After Confrontation With Police

After a Guest was caught smoking in a non-smoking area, and then becoming involved in a confrontation with police, Shanghai Disney has placed a ban against him.

According to a video online, Disney Cast Members had tried to stop the Guest from smoking in the non-smoking area, but the man became angry and agitated, leading to a bigger incident.

Shanghai Disney Bans Smoking

Guest Banned From Disney Park After Confrontation With Police

Shanghai Disney has put restrictions in place regarding smoking in order to keep the Parks safe for visitors.

“Shanghai Disney Resort has fulfilled its responsibilities for smoking control in accordance with relevant regulations, protecting the health and safety of visitors and the public. We fully support their efforts and extend our sympathy to the affected staff and performers,” an official said.

On April 19, a Guest visiting Shanghai Disney was caught smoking in a non-smoking area, leading to Cast Members to attempt to stop him. This led to an altercation as the Guest became angry and then demanded an apology from one of the employees. He then continued to smoke, which is when the police got involved.

When the police arrived, the man suddenly collapsed to the ground, which then led to the cancelation of the parade scheduled for the day.

Shanghai Disney Bans Guest

Guest Banned From Disney Park After Confrontation With Police

Due to the Guests behavior, including breaking the rules, Shanghai Disney made the decision to ban the Guest.

“The visitor involved in the incident on the parade route yesterday will be banned from entering the park again, and his behavior will be further investigated by the police,” a Shanghai Disney Resort said in a statement.

In another statement to local media, Shanghai Disney Resort said, “We do not tolerate any bullying of Cast Members nor other behaviors that affect the safety of our guests and Cast Members, or the normal operation of the resort, and will take legal measures when necessary.”

Other Disney Parks Incidents

Disney Cast Member Arrested For Inappropriately Filming A Guest

As of late, The Blast has reported on several incidents at the Disney theme parks around the world. At Walt Disney World, specifically, an adult struck a child in the face with a dog leash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A security guard who witnessed the incident told police, “The adult male wearing a white shirt, tan pants, and tan shoes struck the juvenile male, wearing all blue, with the free end of a red dog leash,’. The action occurred after the adult had a misstep while the juvenile crossed in front of him. This action occurred after the adult recovered from the misstep and appeared to be a deliberate action, as he intentionally struck the child across the face with the leash.”

And a Guest visiting EPCOT at Walt Disney World from California was hospitalized in December after another Disney Guest bit off a part of her middle finger during an argument at the theme park. The fight broke out during Harmonious, the now-retired fireworks show at EPCOT, between two Guests — the California woman who lost part of her finger and her family and a 26-year-old woman from Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, a Florida local was arrested at Disney Springs — the shopping and dining district located at Walt Disney World — after making “derogatory comments” towards Disney Cast Members, yelling at children, and then proceeding to threaten Orange County sheriff’s deputies.

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