Gymnast Aly Raisman Shares Top 5 Healthy Habits for 2022

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman is starting off the New Year in a clear mental space and revealed her favorite methods she personally uses. The 27-year-old gymnastics star regularly discusses mental health on social media, and her latest post also happens to be a collaboration with a dental company – because when you’re in a healthy mental space you’ll definitely be smiling a lot!

The Importance of Mental Health

“Mental health is really important to me,” Raisman wrote to her 2.1 million followers. She added, “I have spent a lot of time reflecting, trying to figure out things that make me feel more calm & present and also things that help me feel healthier.”

Raisman also explained how she still enjoys seeking knowledge. “Along the way I have realized I love learning new things– when I am learning, I feel it helps my mental health,” the gymnast wrote to her followers.

As part of her latest partnership, Raisman revealed what she learned about straighter teeth and mental health. “Learning about how straighter teeth means a healthier smile has been so interesting. Until recently, I didn’t know that there are health benefits to straighter teeth,” she stated.

Healthy Habits For The New Year

Aly Raisman wanted to share what she personally relies on to keep herself on a clear and focused path, and hopes that fans can find some inspiration for their own personal situations.

#5: Gardening

Raisman notes that gardening is a big part of her mental health journey because it helps her stay “present.”

Aly Raisman gardeningAly Raisman gardening

In the past, the gymnast has detailed the types of fruit and vegetables she enjoys growing, and how tending to her garden on a daily basis creates the type of structure and accountability she enjoys.

#4: Stretching

Obviously, world-class gymnast Aly Raisman is a bit more flexible than most, but she explains that stretching is a daily activity that keeps her “relaxed and calm.”

Aly Raisman stretchinAly Raisman stretchin

#3: Eating Clean

We hear it all the time, but diet is a huge factor in keeping a healthy mental state. Aly Raisman writes that she enjoys making green smoothies, because eating clean is a huge part of feeling her best.

Aly Raisman smoothieAly Raisman smoothie

The gymnastics star regularly shares some of her smoothie concoctions on social media, especially with some of her favorite fruits and ingredients.

#2: Reading

Although Aly Raisman embraces technology and social media to keep in touch with her growing community of fans, she knows disconnecting from technology is a big part to staying healthy.

Aly Raisman bookAly Raisman book

The gold-medalist writes that reading is one of her favorite things to do and helps her unplug and feel centered amid the hustle and bustle of the world.

#1: Her Dog!

Along with all of the healthy habits that Aly Raisman keeps on a regular basis, none compares to her ultimate aphrodisiac – playing with her puppy, Mylo!

Aly Raisman dogAly Raisman dog

Mylo is a rescue dog who was adopted by the gymnastics star in 2020 and has become her best friend. Last year, Mylo went missing after getting scared and running away during a fireworks show but was later found due to a huge social media push from Raisman and her followers.

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