Gymnast Aly Raisman’s Dog Missing After Running Away During Fireworks

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman is living every pet owner’s worst nightmare over the 4th of July weekend after her dog took off in the night during a flurry of fireworks. Raisman took to Instagram this weekend and delivered the news while asking those in the nearby area to help keep an eye out.

“To my followers in the seaport/Boston area…my dog Mylo was terrified of fireworks and ran off. He has a tag on and a leash. Please let me know if you see him. Thank you,” Raisman captioned a photo of the blue-eyed pooch.

27-year-old Raisman rescued Mylo as a puppy and regularly shares loving photos of him on social media. She has spoken about how important the dog was in her life to dealing with mental health and anxiety, things the Olympic champion has discussed in the past.

“I had such a great experience rescuing Mylo & I’m so appreciative for everyone at the shelter who works so hard to save these animals’ lives & give them forever homes,” Raisman wrote last year after adopting the puppy.

In the wake of Mylo running away, Raisman has enlisted the help of a local organization, Missing Dogs Mass, to help locate and bring him home.

“Missing Dogs Massachusetts (MDM) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that works to reunite missing and found dogs with their families. MDM works cooperatively with animal control officers, rescues, shelters, law enforcement, and the media,” a statement on the organization’s website reads.

Aly Raisman / Twitter

Raisman is also flyering the streets near her home and getting the word out, but asking fans and followers not to go looking for Mylo, as he is easily scared.

“I am so appreciative of all of your help and support!  I have a favor to ask – please do not go out and actively search for Mylo. He is terrified, and the folks at Missing Dogs Mass advised that we don’t have anyone yelling his name or running around looking for him.  I was told that scared dogs will make bad decisions if they are pressured, and that is the last thing that we want to have happen.”

The gymnast is asking, “If anyone should see Mylo, please don’t post the location in social media comments, but message me directly at Tremendous gratitude for your help and understanding.”

Raisman’s Instagram post has gained nearly 150,000 likes as friends and fans spread the word and send prayers to find Mylo.

“Sending love your way, I hope he comes home safe as soon as possible,” one fan wrote to the star.

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