Gymnast Nastia Liukin Raises ‘Red Flags’ Looking ‘Really Thin’

Gymnast Nastia Liukin is prompting more concerns that she is too skinny.

Last week, the Russian-American former artistic gymnast disabled comments on multiple videos showing off her sense of style after fans accused her of getting “skinnier and skinnier.” She turned comments off for her latest post on Sunday night, but fans are doubling down in their assessment.

Now, some of her followers are even accusing her of having an eating disorder, which is a pretty serious accusation.

Fans Accuse Gymnast Nastia Liukin Of Suffering From An Eating Disorder

On Sunday night, the five-time Olympic medalist took to Instagram to share a video that featured her getting dressed in a tan cropped sweater and patchwork skirt. Set to the tune of The Cranberries’ hit song “Dreams,” Nastia captioned the video, “A wholesome Sunday little fit, all @zara.”

Some fans were supportive of her video. “Don’t listen to the haters- you look beautiful- gorgeous skin and hair! You’re obviously in beautiful health- just keep doing you!” one fan commented. “Leave Nastia alone; she’s a naturally thin person,” another follower wrote. “Love the outfit!” a third fan chimed in.

Nastia Liukin sparks fears that she's "too thin"
Instagram | Nastia Liukin

“So cute on you!” another follower commented. “Style icon,” another fan added. ‘Such a cute fit,” another follower shared. “This outfit is a slay,” another fan wrote. “Wow, so beautiful,” another follower chimed in. “Beautiful lady,” another fan agreed. “So gorgeous and flawless,” another follower wrote. “Looking amazing,” another fan shared.

Ultimately, though, there were more critical comments about Nastia’s appearance than positive ones as her fans continued to express concern that she was starting to become “too thin.”

Nastia’s Followers Are Getting Pretty Concerned About Her Weight!

“I love Nastia and have since way before the Olympics but this looks like a body check,” one follower commented. “I know you’ll just delete this or turn off commenting, but as someone who’s struggled for years with an eating disorder myself – you look like you need help. Not suggesting that you have any particular diagnosis, but these posts raise such red flags for me,” another fan shared.

“I am really worried about you. Hope you find the help you need,” another follower chimed in. “This is getting a little crazy girl. Get some help, stat,” another fan commented. “Getting a little worried about you…” another follower shared. “You’re lovely….but you’re starting to look dangerously thin, hope you’re all right,” another fan added.

Nastia Liukin turns comments off on her fashion video after criticism from fans
Instagram | Nastia Liukin

“You look stunning and I’ve loved you ever since I was an elite gymnast. But you look really really thin. As long as you are happy and okay who cares but you look really really thin in a not so healthy way,” another follower commented. “Sadly you are no longer a good role model for young girls. Please stop the outfit checks. They all look bad,” another user wrote.

“Unfollowing you until you get it together. Not validating you by liking it,” another former follower chimed in. “No food. Where are you again???” another user asked. “I’m sorry but I’m gonna say it……. You clearly appear to have an eating disorder of some sorts and I won’t stand by and let others think it’s ok. I hope you get the help you need,” another follower commented.

Some Of Nastia’s Followers Think That She Might Be Taking Ozempic!

Another user speculated that Nastia might be taking Ozempic, which has been featured in the headlines a lot lately. “Maybe she’s doing the new trend of taking Ozempic,” one follower commented. “I’ve noticed in some of her Instagram postings. She has a hard time talking and focusing on her thoughts. It’s like watching a fully on speed. She’s very hyper and not very articulate.”

Last week, comedian Chelsea Handler made headlines when she admitted that she didn’t even know she was taking Ozempic. On her “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Chelsea admitted to using the Type 2 diabetes medication for weight loss.

Nastia Liukin shares a video of her getting dressed
Instagram | Nastia Liukin

“I didn’t even know I was on it,” Chelsea recalled, adding that her “anti-aging doctor just hands it out to anybody.” Chelsea claimed her doctor told her, “If you ever want to drop five pounds, this is good.”

At this time, fans are only speculating that Nastia might be taking Ozempic and it has not been confirmed.

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