Halle Bailey Pens Sweet Tribute To Her Big Sis Chloe On Her 23rd Birthday

There is no bond like the bond between sisters Halle and Chloe Bailey!

Despite being oceans apart, Halle Bailey shared a sweet tribute to her big sister, Chloe Bailey, on her 23rd birthday on Thursday, July 1. Halle is currently filming “The Little Mermaid” in Italy but remembered to honor her mentor, co-worker, and best friend on her special day.

“i know it’s a bit early but it’s already your birthday in italy 😂🥰💖,” Halle wrote on social media. “to my dear sister happy happy birthday. i am so grateful to be able to witness your journey in life and learn so much from you.”

“i absolutely couldn’t be prouder of you, and everything you’re accomplishing. you inspire me and so many others to always speak up for yourself and never apologize for being unapologetically you. you have always been this way, and i feel so blessed to be able to have your guidance through this life!! thank you for being such a magnificent big sister to me, i love you and miss you so much!! happy birthday!!”

Chloe and Halle Bailey's throwback pic.
Chloe and Halle Bailey's throwback pic.

Chloe’s Birthday Post

While Halle’s post focused on the past, Chloe’s 23rd birthday post focused on the future. She shared a sultry video, teasing new music. “this is 23… HAVE MERCY COMING SOON 🍑🙌🏽,” she captioned her sensual bedroom teaser. “should i drop this soon? 🙇🏽‍♀️”

Splitting Up On Social Media

Chloe and Halle Bailey on the red carpet.

The duo’s fans were shocked and concerned when they announced that they were going their separate ways on social media back in January. The girl group shared a video to their joint account explaining that they will still be working together and collaborating, but they each needed their own social space.

“Obviously, we are in two separate places right now,” Halle said during their big announcement “No matter the distance, still together!”

“still an ocean even when we are two seas ???‍♀️follow us at @chloebailey @hallebailey,” they wrote alongside their announcement video.

Since splitting up, Chloe’s IG has become the talk of the town and Halle’s has become the hub to catch up with her on her downtime while filming the live-action Disney classic.

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