Halle Bailey Sends Some Sultry Selfie Love On 4th Of July From Italy

Halle Bailey is a busy woman, but she blessed her follower’s timelines with a special treat on the 4th of July.

The younger half of the sister singing duo, ChloeXHalle, shared a sultry selfie on Sunday while overseas. The 21-year-old Atlanta native is currently in Italy filming “The Little Mermaid.” Despite being out of the country, Halle provided her fans with some entertainment while they celebrated Independence Day back at home.

Selfie Love

The actress’s beautiful picture featured the star in a tight bodysuit while posing in her Italian bathroom (the bathrooms are much smaller over there). Halle held her phone up high and used a black and white filter to make her casual pic artsier.

workin workin workin day x night🧁💞,” she captioned the snap.

Fans Appreciate Halle

Halle Bailey at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie'

Bailey seemed a little bummed, but her followers were thankful that she is working on a film that they will hopefully enjoy… many enthusiastic followers were thankful for her cute pic.

“omg I cant wait for this project to come out!!!!plus i need new music🧚‍♂️💗💗,” one passionate fan commented while another said, “A world filled with princesses but here is a real queen 🙌.”

Halle’s Day Off

Halle Bailey's selfie

While being stuck working in a Mediterranean paradise isn’t all that bad, Halle gave thanks when she got a day off to relax and take in some culture. “day off 🛌🤍,” she captioned a sleepy pic.

Her R&R day just so happened to coincide with her big sister Chloe’s 23rd birthday. She penned a sweet note and shared several touching throwback memories.

i know it’s a bit early but it’s already your birthday in italy 😂🥰💖,” she wrote.

“to my dear sister happy happy birthday. i am so grateful to be able to witness your journey in life and learn so much from you. i absolutely couldn’t be prouder of you, and everything you’re accomplishing. you inspire me and so many others to always speak up for yourself and never apologize for being unapologetically you. you have always been this way, and i feel so blessed to be able to have your guidance through this life!! thank you for being such a magnificent big sister to me, i love you and miss you so much!! happy birthday!!”

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