He Is Now One Of Hollywood’s Most Bulked Up Hunks – Can You Guess Who It Is?

Moving on to the second photo, taken just a mere three years later, the poster is still rocking the adorable puffy fro and signature buck teeth. The color quality of the snap greatly improved, probably due to the fact that this appears to be a school photo. Dressed in a cool tropic shirt with signature ’70s colors, the actor who is featured had this to say about his younger self:

“Throwback to 7 years old in Hawaii, and just drippin’ cool with my buck teeth, aloha shirt and WTF is going on with my afro matted down on one side!? No way this stud doesn’t grow up to become Sexiest Man Alive. #HellooooLadies #BuckyJohnson #SmellsLikeHotDogs #KingOf2ndGrade”

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