Head-Scratching WandaVision Episode 6 Commercial May Have the Darkest Meaning Yet

Up until now, the commercials in WandaVision have been fairly straight forward by being subtle references to the major events in Wanda’s life and her past traumas. But the latest commercial in its (literally) explosive Episode 6 completely deviates from the ads before it- firstly, it is animated and lacks the couple. And secondly, it holds up no pretenses to hide its sinister and macabre meaning.& 

In the fifth episode of WandaVision, the commercial was a direct reference to the accidental explosion that Wanda caused in Lagos, Nigeria while trying to save Captain America. While it’s our belief that the commercials, up until Episode 5, mean more if you look past their obvious reference, the disturbing yoghurt ad in the sixth episode bypasses the crypticness of the ones before it.& 

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So, the advertisement goes as follows: there is a little boy stranded on a desert island all alone. He is hungry and willing to eat anything. As soon he says it out loud, a shark jumps out of the sea and claims that he used to be hungry but not anymore since he started snacking on a special yoghurt, Yo-Magic. When the kid requests to have it, the shark gives him one and leaves. But the boy is unable to open the yoghurt pack and keeps gnawing at it even as he wastes away and shrivels up from hunger, only to ultimately die. The advertisement ends with the slogan that the Yo-Magic yoghurt is a “snack for survivors.”

Apart from being shockingly morbid compared to the last four commercials, this one is pretty complicated as well. So, we have three theories as to what the commercial could possibly be alluding to:

Someone gave Wanda magic and now it is destroying her

What many theorists often forget while speculating that the repeated hexagonal shapes are a reference to Wanda’s “hexes” is that though she has magic in the comics, she doesn’t possess the same not in the MCU. In the films, she and her brother, Pietro gained their respective powers after being subjected to the experiments on the Mind Stone by HYDRA.& 

But what Wanda is using to control Westview and its inhabitants is indeed very magic-like. So, maybe like the boy in the advertisement, after Wanda stole Vision’s body from the SWORD headquarters, she felt alone and ready to do anything to stop feeling helpless and the “endless nothingness” she tells Peter about in the episode. And that’s when someone, who has massive magical powers that have the ability to rewrite reality, cropped up, just like the shark does in the ad.& 

The person offered Wanda the magic, pretending to be an empathetic being only willing to help her. And Wanda, desperate to escape the drowning sadness, willingly took it and used it to achieve her dream life. But as time is passing, it is visible this extra dose of powers is slowly breaking her psyche, making her unhinged as she desperately tries to hold on to this illusion of happiness. Her humanity is decaying as she is losing the distinction between right and wrong, has no qualms about trapping the people of Westview in her sitcom-reality, and is not realizing that she is causing them tremendous pain.& 

It is foreshadowing Vision’s fate

At the end of the episode, we see Vision leaving the barrier encasing Westview but the moment he steps outside, he starts getting sucked in by breaking into pieces. The commercial could have been a nod to the fact that this resurrected Vision can’t survive without Wanda’s powers. Just like the boy shrivels up and dies when he doesn’t get the yoghurt, Vision is doomed to decay without the energy field covering Westview as his life source is tied to being inside the “hex”.& 

It refers to the most horrifying moment in Wanda’s life/2

The little boy in the commercial, unable to save himself despite having the means might be a reference to the moment when Wanda and Pietro lost their parents in a bombing. Another, active Stark industries shell had hit their house and sat ticking three feet from them. Even as the rescue operations began in full scale, they couldn’t escape as every shift in the debris posed the risk of setting off the shell. Just like the boy in the commercial, the twins had the means to live but were unable to reach it.& 

Now, we only mention the last one because it fits in with the trend of the commercials referencing Wanda’s life events. But it doesn’t fit in with the chronological order they have been following and also, this particular tragedy in Wanda’s life has already been covered by the first commercial in the premier episode. So, while our money is on the first theory, what do you think? The latest episode of WandaVision is currently streaming on official Disney+ app.

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