Heather Graham Is Ageless In Cheeky Bikini Dance: ‘Boogie Nights’ Vibes

Remember Heather Graham? The good-hearted stripped Jade, from “Hangover“? Or Felicity Shagwell from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”? Lauded as a sex symbol in the 90s and the 2000s, Graham is now 52 but fans, after seeing her in a bikini dance on Instagram have declared, “she is ageless!”

Given that toned body and 1,000-watt smile, we have to agree. Heather Graham still looks like the roller girl from “Boogie Nights“, and how…

Heather Graham Was The “It” Girl Of The 2000s

Heather Graham rocks a bikini at 52
Instagram | Heather Graham

Heather Graham broke into major stardom when she starred as a young porn star in the 1997 critically-acclaimed hit, “Boogie Nights” with Mark Wahlberg and more.  In 2001, People Magazine also named her one of the 50 Most Beautiful People, in the world. In 2000, she ranked at #40 on the FHM list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World and then stayed on the list, in various numbers, all the way till 2006.

Graham is known to portray sexy, even sexual roles like those of Felicity Shagwell in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” with Mike Myers and has also played porn stars in two movies, Rollergirl in “Boogie Nights” and Sharona in the “The Guru”. She played prostitute Mary Kelly in “From Hell” as well as porn director Margaret in “About Cherry”.

She said about the role, “I thought that was interesting. I like the idea of women directing porn that women would want to see. After everyone went crazy for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, you can see women do like to read books that turn them on. It’s an unexplored area.”

Here’s more of her, in a new movie.

Heather Graham Is Not ‘Wild” In Real Life

Heather Graham rocks a bikini at 52
Instagram | Heather Graham

And her role as stripper Jade in “The Hangover” and “The Hangover, Part III” is something everyone remembers her for.

When questioned as to why her roles were always so sexy, Grahams had replied “You know, it’s interesting I’ve chosen these roles because, in my personal life, I’m not that crazy-wild. I’ve been a serial monogamist with periods of being single in between. The issue of sexuality fascinates me, though, because our culture sends out mixed messages to women about sex. Are women supposed to be sexually alive people, or are we supposed to be ‘good’ mothers who would never do those things?”

In her personal life, 52-year-old Heather Graham has never been married. She had dated eminent faces with James Woods, Matthew Perry, Edward Burns, and Heath Ledger as well. She also went on to have long-lasting relationships with screenwriter Yaniv Raz and producer Tommy Alastra.

A feminist at heart, Graham has more than just a hot body as she works with many NGOs for women, and fights for reproduction and abortion rights.

Graham’s Bikini Dance Makes Fans Declare ‘Ageless’

Heather Graham rocks a bikini at 52
Instagram | Heather Graham

Graham’s latest post is her dancing around in a bikini as she vacations in Turks and Caicos, with her friend, Liz Plank who describes herself as “a feminist who loves men.”

Graham first wears a white bikini and then a black one, and also dons a white Schiffli cover-up dress, through which we can see hints of a turquoise blue bikini peeking.

Her caption read: Loving the ocean and my beautiful brilliant friend in Turks and Caicos.”

She grooved to Khruangbin’s “Time (You and I)” and Vanessa Hudgens commented, “Cutieee. Also great song choice.”

Anna Camp also commented, “Ur the best 👏👏👏” while Linda Evangelista sent her a string of heart emojis.

Fans could not believe how cool she looked as they wrote her plenty of admiring comments.

“You look the same as Boogie Nights 👏”

“I could watch an infinite loop of this!”

“I just watched the Lenny Kravitz version of American Woman circa 1999, I believe, you haven’t aged a day. Mind blown! 😮 Brava!”

“Oh my god, Heather. I am far away (Norway), but I really dig you. You are awesome 💖”

Watch Heather Graham put everyone to shame with her hot body, hotter moves, and hottest smile!

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