Heather Rae Young Gushes About Being ‘More Inspired’ With Pregnancy

Pregnant Heather Rae Young puts the ‘G’ in glowing!

The reality star is used to sharing parts of her life, especially being on the TV series “Selling Sunset,” and since meeting her husband, Tarek El Moussa, she has not kept anything from her followers. So it was to be expected when she recently shared the news concerning an upcoming event while showing off her growing belly. 

Heather Rae Young Feels Inspired And Flaunts Baby Bump

Heather Rae Young is in high spirits while showing her big growing baby bump

The real estate agent took to her Instagram page to share an entertaining picture to the delight of her followers. Heather was sitting on the edge of a high chair wearing only black high-waisted leggings showing off her long legs and a bra, while she held a can of drink in her hands.

Her flowing blonde tresses enhanced the look of her glowing, flawless face, which had very light makeup and she completed the whole style with a pair of silver high heels. Two other people were with her in the picture — one held a powder brush to her face while the other put on a bracelet for her. Heather’s caption partly read:

“The news about my pregnancy came at such an interesting time in my life: I’m probably the busiest, most motivated I’ve ever been to build an empire and when I found out I was pregnant I actually feel like I became even MORE inspired.”

Continuing, she wrote, “I think all moms are superheroes. I think it’s incredible what a woman’s body can do and from experience, raising kids is a full-time job, so being a mom, alone, is WORK.”

Heather Rae Young's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Heather Rae Young

The 35-year-old mentioned that she feels lucky to be able to play both roles successfully and how happy she is, knowing her son would grow to see her in both positions. Ending the caption, Heather disclosed her excitement about speaking at a conference in New York City.

While the excited mother-to-be may be feeling “inspired,” she has also been open about updates on her pregnancy. The Blast recently noted that Heather shared how she has tried to help ease her not-so-easy journey to birthing a newborn. 

She did this in a new Instagram post where she eagerly dished what she felt might be helpful to other pregnant women. The “Selling Sunsets” star showed off her glow as she posed in a boomerang dressed in an animal print high-waisted slacks and a sleeveless turtleneck blouse. The short clip’s caption read: 

“Loving every moment of having this growing boy in my belly. Some things that have been working for me are; Daily movement. It has been so important and almost necessary for me. It helps me feel “normal” even if I do a quick little 20-30 minute workout.” 

Another thing she mentioned was that peppermint oil helped with her headaches while adding that she had taken to eating huge meals filled with vegetables, proteins, and proper nutrients. It would not be her post if she did not mention a product, which is a vegan protein powder from @tru_supplements, which she claimed are pregnancy safe, bump gloss, and oils with natural ingredients.

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young pregnancy announcement
Instagram | Heather Rae Young

The “Love In The Time Of Monsters” star also mentioned her challenges, like how she had been getting bad pregnancy rosacea which she uses an ice roller to help. She ended the long caption by asking other soon-to-be mothers to share what worked for them.

The “Selling Sunset” Star Share Exciting Update With Pregnancy

The Blast shared a while ago that the former Playboy Playmate of the Month seemed to be having a great time with her increasingly changing body. While basking in the joy of impending motherhood, Heather surprised fans with news concerning her unborn child. The event she talked about happened during her birthday celebration, surrounded by loved ones. 

The realtor posted a picture of herself and her husband with his arms around her in an Instagram story. They looked to be in a wine cellar with different sizes and shapes of wine glasses in the background. 

Across the photo, she captioned, “Very excited. Yesterday we felt our baby moving for the first time, and it wasn’t once. It was ALL day long.” The model promised to share more updates on her unborn child and besotted husband, Tarek El Moussa.

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