Heather Rae Young Sparkles In Sheer Fairytale Dress For ‘Winter Wonderland-Themed’ Baby Shower

Heather Rae Young is giving nothing but the best for her unborn child’s baby shower!

As fans are aware, the delivery date of the brilliant realtor’s son is nigh, given that the year is almost at its end. And in anticipation of getting into her full mom mode, she could not help but organize the most enchanting baby shower, which she shared with her followers on Instagram, ensuring to flaunt her fairytale ensemble.

Heather Rae Young Shows Off Her Beautifully Designed Dress

Heather Rae Young's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Heather Rae El Moussa

While flooding her Instagram Story with a slew of snaps from the ‘winter wonderland themed’ shower, Heather undoubtedly drew attention with her exquisite sheer dress, as could be seen in one of the uploaded videos. 

The clip gave fans a full-back view of her dress with intricate designs, a halter neck, and an open back. Its fine fabric was loosely draped around the celeb’s figure, pooling in a small circle at her feet.

The sophisticated floral embroidery adorning the white dress comprised a mixture of gold, blue, and silver designs, with its tip decorated with ‘BABY EL MOUSSA.’ In addition, Heather’s blonde curls, partly piled into a high ponytail and adorned with a silver tiara, flowed down her exposed back and covered her slightly open side boobs.

She appeared to be in a well-lit space with large windows giving her complexion more radiance as she backed the camera. The pregnant star was quick to gush about the lovely outfit as she wrote on the video: “the most stunning custom dress is @madebyila” before adding, “glam: @makeupangie_mua @jolene_latitude33hair.”

In another video, she showcased the details of the outfit, emphasizing the colored floral designs scattered around her dress. Penning the word “DETAILS” on the clip, Heather showed fans precisely that as the camera zoomed into the designs from her backside to the tip of the dress. The filming revealed an inner lining concealing her upper body and teasing fans with a view of her knees to her feet in the see-through gown.

As for the main event – the baby shower, one of the pictures in the shared collection displayed the declaration of the celebration and its date, November 12, 2022. An ensuing snap showed a somewhat white screen with the words “Celebrating the mom-to-be Heather Rael El Moussa.”

The post also indicated the ceremony held at Balboa Bay Club & Resort as Heather pinned the location before adding “welcome to my winter wonderland” at the bottom. In another picture, she shared the event’s menu on a card with a white flower and blue fabric adorning it. 

She also credited those involved in the planning by tagging them on the post after writing, “got to my seat and saw my name as “mama Heather”!!!” One other image showed the “cutesttt details” of the event with a flower-adorned creation of the word “BABY” done by “@venusetfleur.”

In spicing up the shower, games were added, as seen in a picture showing a card highlighting questions guests were told to guess about regarding the El Moussa couple and parenting.

Heather Rae Young's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Heather Rae El Moussa

Ahead of the eye-catching celebration, Heather teased fans with plans for the baby shower in an Insta Story video which The Blast noted that she compared it to planning a wedding. While being candid with fans, she confessed that it was challenging especially working out the “seating chart;” nevertheless, her friends love each other, so everything was expected to work out. 

The ‘Selling Sunset’ Realtor Updates Fans On Pregnancy Discomfort

Not long before sharing her baby shower plans, Heather gave fans a pregnancy update via a video on her Instagram Story, revealing that she got wearier daily than she had throughout the pregnancy.

The Blast reported that she also told fans more about her sciatica nerve issues, saying, “Back pain [is] doing a little better. I’ve been doing physical therapy, and then I tried the acupuncture one.”

The soon-to-be mother further disclosed that she would do acupuncture again; however, she was a “little nervous” considering the possibility of her having done it once, many years ago.

Even so, she was determined to continue the treatment as it was helpful. Fans would recall that the day of the filming was pretty exciting for Heather as she got to see her unborn child. Additionally, all was good with her pregnancy which she told viewers and later shared a sonogram image, tagging her husband, Tarek El Moussa.

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