Here’s What Happened To The Couples From Season 1 Of ‘Marrying Millions’: Find Out Where They Are Now

You might think that tying the knot with someone extremely wealthy would solve a lot of your problems. Well, as shown in the Lifetime reality show Marrying Millions, which debuted in 2019, it can eliminate some issues while creating others.

Some of the couples depicted on the first season of the show had to deal with concerned relatives, onlookers’ harsh comments, and the tricky task of making their dissimilar backgrounds mesh.

It’s not always easy to navigate that path, as proven by a few of the lovebirds who encountered rough patches along the way. Viewers want to know what has happened to the romantic duos from Marrying Millions. Were their lives together a fairy tale or a fizzle? We looked into where they are now and the state of their marital unions.

Married: Sean Lourdes And Megan Thomas Lourdes

The way these two met could have come straight out of a romcom. Megan Thomas, a stunning model, medical student, and yoga instructor with a knockout resume, sought a position at The Lourdes Foundation, where Lourdes is the director. He wasn’t on time for her interview, so she took a hike.

End of story? Not quite. The beautiful working-class gal and the handsome mega-millionaire, who reportedly has $30 million in his bank account, were seemingly destined to be together.

After Lourdes diligently pursued Thomas, she agreed to a date. They shared a definite spark, according to Lourdes. “We had an immediate, intense, and real connection from the moment we met, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. The rest is history.”

His family wondered about Thomas’ sincerity, according to The Knot, but true love triumphed. She and Lourdes skipped the prenup and got married in Malibu at a venue with spectacular views. They now share wedded bliss and a son, Sean Jr.

Married: Drew Gemma And Rosie Marin

Gemma is a wealthy—as in multi-millionaire—landscaping and construction company owner. Marin lived with her folks at that time and had graduated from college. He introduced her to the high life, showering her with pricey gifts and dinners. Her family frowned on their relationship.

Add a couple more interesting plot twists to this story—Gemma, who is divorced, and Marin met on a sugar daddy website. There was a 17-year age gap between them.

Despite those snags, the couple became engaged on the show and love won out. Soon, they ran off to Costa Rica to get hitched.

There have been a few storm clouds in paradise for Gemma related to his finances. Starcasm reported in 2019 that he had “numerous tax liens over the past decade.” In addition, there were “multiple Uniform Commercial Code filings in which Drew used his contractor equipment as collateral.”

Marin’s Instagram seems to indicate that they are still going strong.

Likely Broken Up: Bill Hutchinson And Brianna Ramirez

Hutchinson and Ramirez had an age difference of almost four decades. Their May-December romance got started when the twice-divorced Hutchinson, head of Dunhill Partners Inc., a multi-billion-dollar commercial real estate company, and owner of Virgin Hotels Dallas, met Ramirez at a Dallas restaurant where she waitressed. The two continued dating after the show.

Hutchinson was arrested in 2021 for allegedly sexually assaulting several underage girls, KDFW Fox4 News reported. He denied the charges.

It appears from their Instagram accounts as if Hutchinson and Ramirez are no longer together. They have not posted any photos with each other for a couple of years.

Broken Up: Gentille Chhun And Brian Blu

Chhun, a successful Las Vegas real estate investor, led a lavish lifestyle. Blu, on the other hand, was a construction worker and actor with blue-collar roots. His personality attracted her, so they started seeing each other. Chhun’s friends had misgivings about their budding relationship and whether Blu’s intentions could be self-serving.

Their romance progressed to the altar—almost. Chhun and Blu decided to split on the day they were set to get married. There was reportedly no evidence that they had a marriage license, so the seriousness of their intent to wed is unclear.

Chhun’s Instagram account shows her having a blast, so she evidently recovered from her fling with Blu.

Broken Up: Katie Hamilton And Kolton Pierce

Katie Hamilton is the ex-wife of former pro baseball player Josh Hamilton. According to the show, she and the much younger Pierce met when he turned up at her home with a gaggle of her teenage daughter’s pals.

Hamilton’s chums and family were not too thrilled about her choice of a beau. There was a 14-year age difference between them. Furthermore, Hamilton was a millionaire as a result of her divorce while Pierce was a wannabe hip-hop performer.

Hamilton and Pierce took issue with the way Marrying Millions portrayed their initial encounter. Hamilton shared with Showbiz CheatSheet that she, her daughter, Julia, and Pierce were all at a Dallas dinner when Hamilton and Pierce chatted and clicked.

They seemed to have a future together. He reportedly thought she was a caring and empathetic listener. Hamilton appeared to shrug off their differences. “If the relationship is right and that’s who God has for you,” she said, “ultimately those differences and the different things that you bring to the table will make the relationship stronger.”

Finally, however, Hamilton decided to end things with Pierce. “She has blocked all communication from me,” he said. Their economic and age differences were the reasons she gave.

Broken Up: Shawn Isaac And Kate London

For a while, this couple made beautiful music together. Isaac, a rapper and entrepreneur, had struck gold in the tech space. London encountered him at a professional event where he was keynote speaker. She asked him to be her mentor and they hit it off.

She expected wedding bells for them in the near future, but he hesitated, possibly prioritizing his career. All was not ideal with Isaac and London. He reportedly gave her a bracelet that looked like it had diamonds, but the sparkly “gems” turned out to be cubic zirconia.

They eventually split, but still make music, mainly separately. London became a Christian artist who also does R&B and pop. Isaac kept on with his own musical ambitions, recording under the name Shawn Don. They collaborated on tunes like “Busdown,” “Cosign,” and “I Need A Savior.”

On The Sh*t Show podcast in 2020, London confirmed that she and Isaac had broken up, although she said they stayed friends. She is believed to be dating a Coast Guard member named Cameron in Florida.

These couples were a lot of fun to watch on Marrying Millions. Their relationships did not always stand the test of time, however. It seems as if the men and women who broke up moved on from each other successfully when age, money, and other factors became impossible to ignore.

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