Here’s What Marisa Tomei’s Been Eating During Quarantine And How She Gets Farm Fresh Ingredients

Fuel Throughout The Day

Tomei understands that food is energy, and told Shape that, “I graze every few hours.” In her Grub Street essay, she describes small meals consisting of chicken broth and kale, a banana with almond butter, or a shake made with Green Vibrance plant powder. 

For lunch and dinner, Tomei described one meal of “a traditional Italian salad with pistachio, orange, and red onions” to which she added chopped up fennel. Another meal consisted of lamb and boiled potatoes with “really good butter.” To her, the basis of eating is centered around a simple principle: “I like pretty kind of basic, rustic food but with really beautiful, vibrant ingredients.”

This is clear in other meals she described, such as a pasta dish consisted of garganelli, broccoli, and Pecorino.

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