Hilarious WandaVision Easter Egg Acknowledges Both the MCU and X-Men’s Quicksilver

Apart from expanding the level of threat Wanda poses to the world at the moment, the latest episode of WandaVision, “All New Halloween Spooktacular,” has been a perfect ode to the 2000s sitcoms, majorly Malcolm in the Middle and had surprisingly comic book-accurate costumes for Wanda, Vision, the not-Pietro, and even the twins. But that’s not all the episode hides as there is a subtle Easter Egg that refers to both the actors who play Quicksilver in the MCU and the 20th Century Fox’s X-Men films.

In the last few minutes of the fifth episode of WandaVision (before the insanely long credits), we saw Wanda’s brother Pietro returning in the most mind-boggling manner, especially as he died back in Age of Ultron. When Wanda opened the door, she saw Peter Maximoff instead, the Quicksilver from the X-Men universe whom we saw in Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. But he calls her his sister and seems to remember how he died after being shot down by Ultron in the middle of the street.& 

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But Wanda, who initially accepted him, is now suspicious. Apart from dressing up like her dead brother, this new Pietro looks very different and has very different memories of their childhood. For instance, his nostalgic memories about Halloween as a child are not how Wanda remembers celebrating the festival. She even tries to test him by grilling him about a kid in their orphanage who had a skin condition when they are out trick-or-treating with her sons, only for him to turn around and call her out for doubting him.& 

Before conversation can go any further, Tommy and Billy return. Their “Uncle P” asks them whether he should help them “maximize your candy acquisition” and in response Tommy exclaims “Yeah. Kick-ass!” before the trio speed away, leaving Wanda with a confused expression as she utters “Kick-ass” in a way which implies that the phrase stood out to her. And to us as well!

Kick-ass is the link joining both Quicksilver actors

You see, long before either Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson became the Marvel comics’ speedster in the X-Men films and the MCU, they starred together in a cult-classic, R-rated superhero flick- 2010’s Kick-ass, which is based on the comic book of the same name published by Marvel Comics. In the film, which was a jibe at the rampant superhero culture, Johnson played the character of Kick-ass, a vigilante who considers himself a superhero but really has no extraordinary superpowers. Evan Peters played his best friend Todd Haynes in the film who was unaware that his friend was the vigilante Kick-ass but he soon became a big fan of the hero.& 

As if we weren’t already questioning whether this is really the X-Men’s Quicksilver or some evil entity in disguise, the showrunners dropping this Kick-ass reference is now making us cook all kinds of meta-theories to explain why the film was mentioned. Is it just a fun Easter Egg as both Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters starred in the film and now both are Peter/Pietro Maximoff in the MCU or is it a hint at something more complicated? All we can do is scratch our heads in confusion till next Friday and re-binge the latest episode of WandaVision currently streaming on the official Disney+ app.

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