Hocus Pocus 2 Pitch Was Pretty Great Teases Bette Midler

It’s been 27 years since Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy made the world fall in love with their coven of witches in Disney’s Hocus Pocus. Last year the Mouse Empire confirmed that Hocus Pocus 2 is currently being planned with some of the main cast returning to reprise their original roles. Now, in an interview with People, Midler revealed that she has already seen the outline for the sequel, and it is going to be pretty great.

“They presented us with an outline, and after we picked ourselves up off the floor, because it’s been 27 years, we looked at it and I think all of us agreed that it was pretty great.”

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Hocus Pocus told the story of the Sanderson sisters, three witches named Winifred, Sarah, and Mary. After getting hanged in 1693 for preying on innocent people, the terrible trio is resurrected one Halloween night three centuries later, and embark on a fresh crime spree to remind the world of the true meaning of Halloween.

While the film was not a great box office success and was met with middling critical reviews, Hocus Pocus proved to have a strong shelf life via DVD sales and online streaming. Decades after its release, the movie is viewed as a cult hit. For Midler, the success of the original Hocus Pocus can only be replicated by bringing back the behind-the-scenes crew.

“We’re trying to see who’s available and who’s still out there and still working and who can come back. Because, a lot of the success of what we did on that picture had to do with the team that was surrounded, had to do with the team that they assembled to make that picture, the people who did the flying and the rigging, the people who did the green screens, the people who did the … I don’t think they called it the green screen in those days. The people who did the hair and makeup, which were all exemplary, the costumers, and the special effects people.”

Of course, what fans remember most about Hocus Pocus was the sparkling chemistry behind the lead cast. While there is no official word yet on whether Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy will be joining Bette Midler for the sequel, the actress has stated that the other two are interested in returning, and the trio should have no problem reconnecting based on their continued friendship over the years.

“We do see each other. We’ve been in touch for years. Kathy is a very strong feminist presence in the city, and so whenever she needs someone to show her up or to do a video or to testify or do anything like that, she always calls us. I’ve known Sarah for many, many years, and we have so many of the same friends in common that we do go to dinners and we’ve been to each other’s houses and all that sort of thing. So we know each other. It’s New York, everybody knows everybody.”

This news about Bette Midler and Hocus Pocus 2 was first published at People.

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