Hope Beel Recalls ‘Memories’ While Spilling Out Of Her Bikini

Hope Beel has an incredible body made for skimpy swimsuits, and she put it on display in her latest Instagram share!

The model’s tantalizing update featured her flaunting her curvaceous figure in a bikini. In the caption of the post, Beel revealed that she was recalling “memories.”

Looking So Sexy

Hope Beel taking a selfie in her bikini.
Instagram | Hope Beel

In the double update, the internet personality wore a printed two-piece swimsuit that boasted various colors. The top featured triangle-cut cups that hardly contained her shapely assets. They were cut so small that they failed to cover the entirety of her chest — exposing a hint of her sideboob. The plunging neckline, meanwhile, displayed a tantalizing view of her cleavage, which seemed to delight many viewers.

Beel sported matching bottoms that were just as scanty. The piece featured a daringly high-cut design that highlighted her killer curves with a curved waistband that sat high on her hips to accentuate her trim waist and rock-hard abs.

Striking Sultry Poses

Hope Beel posing in her bikini.
Instagram | Hope Beel

The 33-year-old influencer was seen standing in a shaded area. She stood against a yellow wall and cocked her hip to the side while also spreading her thigh. Beel placed her right hand on her thigh while touching the back of her head using her other hand. She raised her chin and tilted her head as she looked at the camera with a sultry gaze.

A swipe to the right showed Beel in a similar stance. This time, she straightened her head with her lips slightly parted.

The pictures were taken for Fitness Gurls Magazine.

Angelic Beauty

Hope Beel posing in her bikini.
Instagram | Hope Beel

Beel wore her brunette hair down and styled the long locks in loose curls that fell on her back and tumbled over her shoulder. She also sported a full face of makeup in the pics. She had defined eyebrows, berry eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and mascara. The model also looked to complement her bronzed skin with pink blush on her cheekbones and a shimmering glow on her forehead, nose, and chin. She seemed to complete her face with shiny brownish red lipstick.

Impressing Her Fans

Beel’s latest post has gained more than 22,400 likes and nearly 500 comments. Her ardent admirers also flocked to the comments section to leave her compliments and praise. Many told her she looked beautiful and so sexy. Countless other fans struggled with words and dropped emojis instead.

“You look amazing and beautiful, Hope,” one wrote.

“Flamethrower ON!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” remarked another fan.

“Your fitness is always getting better and better every day,” added the third user.

On Social Media & Fitness

Hope Beel posing in her bikini.
Instagram | Hope Beel

In her cover story, Beel got candid about Instagram and what she aspires to show her fans on the website.

“It’s incredible that a platform like Instagram can help you reach so many people in the world,” the model said. “I try to show a balanced lifestyle that is surrounded by health and fitness but with some fun in between.”

Beel also talked about how she maintains her fit physique.

“Balance is the biggest principle I have. My life doesn’t revolve around eating a certain amount of calories a day or how heavy I can lift in the gym,” she explained. “I simply have a passion for fitness and being healthy and I find some small way to fit it into my everyday life.”

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