Hotel Hendricks Isla Restaurant And Daintree Rooftop & Lounge Are What NYC Is All About

Travel should be easy, fun and unforgettable. Whether it is with family, friends and or loved ones, when you make a venture to a city like New York City, you’ll want to embrace all that the city brings to life.

So when looking for a wonderful place to stay, eat and drink, look no further than the outstanding Hotel Hendricks, Isla Restaurant and Daintree Rooftop & Lounge. It will single handedly make your trip to the Big Apple the best it could possibly be.

Hotel Hendricks Is The Best Destination To Stay While In NYC

Hotel Hendricks

When people state that New York City is the city that never sleeps, they must have never stayed at Hotel Hendricks. In the heart of Midtown Manhattan, it basks you in the complete comfort of incredible rooms and provides services for your every need. It may make you think you should stay in your room all day and night, but that will be impossible as you’ll have to embark to the amazing Isla Restaurant and Daintree Rooftop & Lounge for what will be an unforgettable meal and a place to sip on delicious drinks while enjoying spectacular views that showcase the very best that the city has to offer.

The entire experience instantly transports you to one of the most unique places and stays that you’ll ever have while in the Big Apple and being so close to hot destinations in the city, what else could you potentially ask for?

Located in the heart of Manhattan (25 W. 38th St.) Hotel Hendricks is a unique, edgy and chic spot that offers a stay that you won’t forget as it gives you the most comfortable fun one could have with rooms that you wish were your own apartment. Both spacious and complete with amazing views, they fulfill their promise of a safari-chic retreat vibe that also provides relaxing privacy if that is the type of stay you need. The way that Hotel Hendricks adapts to you and the stay you want really is something you have to see with your own eyes to fully appreciate as they present moments of no worry while there.

But once you are ready to head out, you don’t have to go very far as the ground level of the hotel has Isla Restaurant for your dining needs and the Daintree Rooftop & Lounge gives you a chance to experience some incredible drinks like the Garden Party Martini or The Taipan that you can enjoy with some delectable oysters. But more on that in a little bit.

Isla Restaurant Brings An Exceptional Australian-Style Brasserie Cuisine

ISLA Restaurant
ISLA Restaurant

With food and drink on the mind, when it comes to strip steaks, seared scallops or roasted chicken for dinner or The Hendy Burger at brunch. Isla is going to provide a delicious meal for yourself and anyone you bring along for the experience. A very quaint, romantic and also a spot that has a feel of being away from it all, Isla takes you on a food journey that focuses on locally sourced fresh ingredients that are paired with incredible cocktails from Beverage Director Tristan Brunel. Now if wine is your fancy, they also provide a wine list from all around the world offered up in a unique vermouth service. Everything is atyour fingertips.

And that is thanks to Parched Hospitality Group CEO Barry Dry and Executive Chef David Taylor who uniquely have inspired Isla as a mix of Australia’s vision to cooking with elements of South East Asia and Southern Europe dining with a menu that is always changing on the season. The menu will allow you to have a one of a kind meal every time you dine as Isla is a guaranteed mouth watering and stomach filling place that you will die for.

Every moment, every bite and passing minute you’re treating yourself and all your senses to a celebration that you never want to end. And after your meal or even before it, you can then continue your afternoon or evening and take it to the roof to complete your stay by enjoying killer views of the city with beverages that are the tastiest in town.

Daintree Rooftop & Lounge Shows Off NYC Best Views & Drinks

Daintree Rooftop & Lounge
Daintree Rooftop & Lounge

Sightseeing is a main thing to achieve while in New York City, and when you’re not walking all over the city, you can sit back and relax at the Daintree Rooftop & Lounge. Endless windows invite you to visions of tremendous views of the Empire State Building that will fill your Instagram stories and memories forever. During the summer months, get your hands on oysters and wine from around the world and other drinks like their mezcal inspired beverage, the Venus Fly Trap or the gin infused Pantera Rosa that pair beautifully with their various snacks and bites.

It serves as a great place for a date as the location provides such an atmosphere that envelopes you in overall happiness. Have amazing conversation, food, beverages that is second to none. But we can only say so much, it takes you actually going there to know what it is all about.

So when it comes to planning your next trip to New York City, we hopefully made some of the planning a little easier. Because if at anytime you hit up Hotel Hendricks, Isla and Daintree Rooftop & Lounge, you will not be disappointed. Before you even leave, you’ll be making plans to come again.

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