How Drama With Edward Norton’s Ex, Courtney Love, Affected His Relationship With Salma Hayek

Edward Norton has been making headlines for his personal and professional life for years, including his high-profile relationships. The actor once dated two major stars back-to-back, creating complications in his relationships with both Courtney Love and Salma Hayek.

Love Slammed Hayek After Her Own Breakup With Norton

Norton and Love met on the set of 1996’s The People Vs. Larry Flynt and started dating shortly after the movie premiered. They dated on and off for the next three years and even got engaged at one point. 

However, the couple ultimately called it quits in 1999 and Norton wasted no time moving on. That same year, he was set up on a date with Hayek and sparks flew. They were happily coupled up, but Love soon made it clear she was not a fan of her ex moving on so quickly. 

In a 2003 interview, Love said she still “love[d] Edward so much.” At the time, Norton was dating Hayek, but the Hole frontwoman shared her not-so-nice thoughts on the relationship.

Love said she didn’t think Norton and Hayek would get married because “he can barely understand half of what she’s saying,” referring to Hayek’s accent. Love faced backlash for her comments about her ex’s new relationship and ultimately issued an apology to Hayek. 

Norton And Hayek’s Mysterious Split

That same year, Norton and Hayek split, which was confirmed by the actress’ young co-star Daryl Sabara. While appearing on the TODAY show, Sabara said, “She isn’t with Ed Norton anymore” before host Matt Lauer quickly cut him off. 

The couple was famously private, so not much is known about why they broke things off, but having Norton’s ex-girlfriend publicly talk about them in the press probably didn’t help matters. However, it seems as if Norton is still on good terms with both of his exes. 

Norton Is Still Friendly With Both Exes

Love still speaks highly of Norton today and has even said that she left him “everything” in her will. She has also said that she “should have married Norton,” but left him because she wasn’t ready for commitment at the time (per Metro UK). 

Norton and Hayek are also still close—he was on the guest list for her 2009 wedding to billionaire businessman Francois-Henri Pinault. His date to the wedding was Shauna Robertson, whom he ended up marrying in 2012.

While not much is known about why Norton and Hayek called it quits, it’s clear that Love’s insulting public statements leveled towards Hayek definitely didn’t help matters.

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