How Maxxx on Hulu Got Chris Meloni in Such a Crazy Role

O-T Fagbenle is having a blast with his new Hulu series Maxxx. He was even able to get Chris Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) on board for a pretty crazy role, which according to Fagbenle, was not very hard to do at all. The series is written, created, co-directed, and stars Fagbenle as a “brokenhearted boy band has-been as he attempts a comeback as a solo act.” The series originally aired in the U.K. but is currently streaming in North America on Hulu.

Even in the trailer for the Hulu series, one can tell that Chris Meloni is really enjoying playing talent manager Don Wild. And Wild is the perfect way to describe the character who enjoys being over the top and hitting up a good party. When asked how he got Meloni on board for Maxxx, O-T Fagbenle said it was quite easy. He had this to say.

“Really in some ways it was as simple as getting that script in front of him. He fell in love with the character. He paid me a great compliment, he said to me that parts like this are why he wanted to act. And I think we see that in his performance in it. It’s extraordinary. And working with him, he’s exactly the kind of actor I love to work with. Someone who takes their work seriously. It’s a comedy but he’s playing a character. We had multiple in-depth conversations about his character. And what kind of earrings this character would wear, and what kind of accent, and what his history was. We went deep into it. And I love all that.”

While Christopher Meloni is mainly known for his days on Law & Order: SVU, the actor has flexed his comedic muscles many times over the years, which has, at times, brought him to utter absurdity. He plays Gene in 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer, who has a penchant for fondling sweaters and talking to a can of mixed vegetables. While Gene is little more unglued than Don Wild, it’s clear that Meloni takes pride in getting to know the details about his characters, even if it’s for a comedy movie.

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Hulu’s Maxxx takes a look at the entertainment industry and the days of boy bands. The show also takes a look at police brutality and cultural appropriation. “I became fascinated with this society which often mistakes likes for love, and followers for friends, and being famous for being respected,” O-T Fagbenle said of writing the show. “It’s such a double-edged sword, because on the one hand it’s a tool for your career, and you get more opportunities with people you’ve dreamed of working with.”

O-T Fagbenle wanted Maxxx to be as real as possible, which meant some jokes had to be pulled do to legal concerns. However, Fagbenle is pretty shocked with the amount they were able to leave in, which he attributes to being persistent and a bit “annoying.” Whatever the case may be, Hulu has a hit with the new series, which has been compared to Veep, but taking place in the music business. The interview with O-T Fagbenle was originally conducted by Cinemablend.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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