How The Kar-Jenners Reacted To Khloe Having Baby #2 With Tristan Thompson

Family is everything — is the one saying the Kardashian-Jenner clan holds dearly. On Thursday, the second season of Hulu’s “The Kardashians” finally premiered after a long wait.

As expected, the new season kicked off with an intense and very emotional first episode where Khloe Kardashian finally addressed having a second child with her cheating ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

However, much more than the Good American founder getting vulnerable about the entire experience, her family members also shared their thoughts on the entire saga.

Khloe Kardashian Breaks Down In Tears Talking Tristan Thompson’s Deception

the kardashians

the kardashians

The episode titled “I Have Something To Tell You…” kickstarts with Khloe having a confessional session where she says, “There is something I do need to talk about.”

The mother of two admitted that she wasn’t ready to talk about the dreaded topic for so long. She addressed an omitted scene from the final episode of season 1 when she received the call about Tristan fathering another child from Kim Kardashian.

Apparently, what wasn’t shown on screen in the previous season was that when Khloe harshly told Kim to take her off the call to talk behind the camera, she wanted to tell her elder sister that she and Tristan had an embryo transfer just days before.

Khloe explained that she and the basketballer did an embryo transfer before Thanksgiving 2021, and she found out about his paternity scandal in the first week of December 2021.

“I mean, it’s supposed to be a really exciting, an amazing time, and it’s just a different experience, I think,” the “KUWTK” alum said through tears.

She continued, But time’s ticking, and I keep like burying my head in the sand, but that doesn’t do anything.”

The 38-year-old also addressed the backlash from the internet about choosing to have a child with Tristan, who has cheated on her multiple times.

“Why would I want to have a baby with someone who’s having a baby with somebody else? Because I’m not that much of a sociopath, I’m a lunatic but not that f**king deranged.”

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While Khloe admitted she was in limbo and didn’t deal with the reality of having a second child for a while, she received some encouragement from Kylie Jenner.

During a visit to Kylie’s place, the cosmetics company stated that Khloe’s son was going to be born into the best family ever. “I feel like he’s just meant to be here with us because there’s just no other way you guys decided to do this just days before.”

The “Life of Kylie” assured her elder sister that when her son was born, all her feelings would be validated, and she would be fine. Backing up her words with actions, Kylie gave her sister some hand-me-downs that her son had worn.

Khloe eventually got into the baby mood and was seen shooting for baby items with her mom in one scene. She even discussed baby names, confirming that her son’s name starts with a T, just like his older sister True.

On July 28, Khloe’s surrogate went into labor, and she was accompanied to the hospital by Kim. The delivery was filmed, and we got to see the birth of Khloe’s son.

“It’s such a beautiful gift that we get to have,” she declared as she cuddled her newborn son. Khloe admitted that welcoming her son closed the chapter of the trauma she experienced with Tristan.

The basketballer was also seen in the hospital with his son as he and Khloe argued about how much he looked like True.

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While the Kardashian-Jenner clan is always happy to expand and welcome an additional member, the circumstance surrounding their newest member was far from palatable, and they shared their thoughts on it.

Kylie, during her confessional session, said, “It’s not about the baby. It’s just about how it went down, obviously, and the circumstances. This is obviously very hard to navigate.”

While fighting back tears, the Kylie Cosmetics founder admitted that she hates when Khloe is sad. “I just love my sister, and I hate that she’s, you know, going through this.”

During a family meeting at Kendall Jenner’s house, which Kourtney Kardashian was absent from, the group chatted more on the topic.

Kylie noted that she didn’t “like the fact that Tristan knew this was happening,” to which Kendall added, “that’s what’s wild.” The model continued, “it’s like you were encouraging Khloe to go forward with this while you knew that was also happening.”

The 818 Tequila founder believed that the NBA player “wanted to trap her [Khloe],” and matriarch Kris agreed, saying, “he wanted to hang on to her for sure and thought that if they did that, she would, you know, marry him.”

Kylie, in another confessional scene, declared she was “really disappointed in Tristan” and felt “uncomfortable.” She also noted that his actions are “really unforgivable in my books.”

Momager Kris, during her confessional, fought back tears as she said, “I just feel bad for her that the joy was kind of sucked out of it again.”

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